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Creating Whole Communities (CWC), formed in 2014, brings together the University of Missouri–St. Louis (School of Social Work, Des Lee Collaborative Vision, and the Public Policy Research Center), University of Missouri Extension, and the St. Louis region’s neighborhoods to focus on strengthening our communities. Creating Whole Communities involves multiple disciplines, departments, and community leaders who work to research, provide training and informational resources, and foster public conversation on issues that are critical to strengthening the regions ability to build strong communities.

We define a whole community as one that:

  • has a diverse housing stock that meets the needs of the area's workforce, as well as households at different life stages and walks of life;
  • provides access to jobs, services, and goods through multiple transportation options, including autos, transit, bicycles, and walking;
  • has effective schools;
  • uses sustainable energy/resource practices;
  • provides an environment for people to live healthy lives;
  • incorporates vibrant public spaces; and
  • engages all parts of the community in decision-making and encourages connections among neighbors. 

CWC believes in rooting its work in three principles.

  • Integration of faculty across disciplines
  • Integration of students in all three initiative areas
  • Integration of community partners in project identification and implementation

For more information on Creating Whole Communities and how to get involved, see the CWC Website.