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Field Education in Social Work

Excellence in practice

Field education provides students with the opportunity to apply what they have learned in the classroom in an organizational setting. 

Practicum placement is a structured self-selection process. Students participate in a planning process designed to help clarify their goals and interests and to assess their readiness to begin practicum. Students are required to attend mandatory practicum planning meetings that are held during the semester prior to starting their first practicum. These meetings assist the student with the selection of a practicum site and the development of the learning agreement. Students complete an application for the practicum and meet with their assigned faculty advisor to ensure that all academic requirements for starting practicum have been completed. Students are encouraged to attend the annual practicum and career fair to learn about potential placements sites.


BSW Field Practicum

Take advantage of the opportunity to draw upon skills learned in the classroom and apply them to the practice setting.



MSW Field Practicum

Choose from 400+ practicum locations in and around the St. Louis area, allowing for a whole range of training opportunities.



Instructor Resources

Become one of the professionals who provide supervision and instruction to our BSW and MSW practicum students.