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MSW Field Education

Current MSW students, please check the MSW Information tile in Canvas for important announcements and information. 

MSW Practicum

Field education is an integral part of the MSW curriculum and provides valuable experience with the functions, responsibilities, and challenges of real-world social workers in our community. Students can choose from 400+ practicum locations in and around the St. Louis area, allowing for a whole range of training opportunities. Students are required to take three field education courses and one field education seminar as outlined below. 

Foundation Practicum
Before beginning the foundation field education experience, students must:

  • have completed or be concurrently enrolled in all foundation coursework (with the exception of SW 5450);
  • attend two foundation practicum planning meetings the semester prior to beginning the foundation practicum;
  • have a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Foundation Practicum Courses

Graduate Field Practicum I (SW5800): A 300 hour/4 credit hour field education experience focused on generalist social work practice.

Foundation Field Seminar (SW5801): A 2-hour credit course completed in conjunction with SW5800.

Concentration Practicum
Before being admitted into the concentration practicum, students must:

  • pass the foundation practicum with a grade of 'S' or have advanced standing for 5800/5801;
  • have a minimum GPA of 3.0;
  • attend a practicum planning meeting the semester prior to beginning the concentration field experience;
  • have taken or be concurrently enrolled in at least one advance practice course in their area of concentration;
  • seek placements within their concentration (Family Practice or Leadership and Social Change) in conjunction with their career goals.

Concentration Practicum Courses

Both concentration practicum courses are taken in conjunction with classroom concentration coursework.

Graduate Field Practicum II (SW6800): 300 hour/3 credit hour field experience

Graduate Field Practicum III (SW6850): 300 hour/3 credit hour field experience