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Spring 2024 Trainings

All Staff Trainings

Pulse Survey Debrief - download slides

Wednesday, January 31
3 -3:45pm CT

At UMSL we place a high value on employee input and feedback. As such, we are grateful for the input and feedback we received via the recent pulse survey. Join us for this 45-minute session as we unpack the new data and compare it to the data from the previous pulse surveys.

Campus Safety - download slides

Tuesday, March 5
3 -3:50pm CT

Join us for this session as Capt. Marisa Smith, our Deputy Chief of Police, provides an overview of UMSL PD services, discusses UMSL PD’s campus and community affiliations, and shares campus crime information.

Staff Compensation - download slides

Monday, March 11
12 -12:50pm CT

Pay is an important topic for employees. So, we are offering an opportunity for staff to learn more about the staff pay structure at the university. If you're interested in learning more about staff pay at UMSL, we hope you join us for this information session.

All Staff Performance Review Series

  • Self-Appraisals - download slides

    Friday, April 12
    12 -12:50pm CT

    Self-appraisals will be available starting April 8th. As you begin drafting your self appraisal, join us for this session, which seeks to cover everything employees need to know about drafting self-appraisals including why self-appraisals are important, how they are used, what goes into a self appraisal, and more. 

  • Understanding the Performance Review Process - download slides

    Monday, April 29
    12 -12:50pm CT

    The waiting period between submitting your self-appraisal and having your progress check in with your supervisor can be suspenseful and may even be a source of anxiety for some, but understanding the process can help. Join us for this session to gain a better understanding of the performance appraisal process, what goes on after you submit your self appraisal, and what to expect next.

  • Approaching Feedback - download slides: part 1, part 2, and part 3

    Wednesday, May 29
    12 -12:50pm CT

    Performance appraisals are designed to be a growth and development tool. Join us for this session where we discuss frameworks and strategies for approaching feedback that maximize the feedback’s positive effect on your growth and development. 

  • What Now? - download slides

    Thursday, June 20
    12 -12:50pm CT

    So, you’ve had your performance check-in with your supervisor... now what? Join us for this session which seeks to cover everything an employee needs to know after receiving a performance evaluation including how to use your performance evaluation for career growth and what to do if you disagree with your evaluation. 

Supervisor Series

UMSL’s Strategic Plan

Wednesday, January 10
12 – 12:50pm CT

Our strategic plan is essential in aligning our efforts to bring about our vision and achieve our mission. Join us for this session as Provost Berberich walks us through our new strategic plan.

UMSL’s Budget - download slides

Wednesday, January 24
12 – 12:50pm CT

Understanding our budget and how budget decisions are made is critical for leading effectively at the university. Join us for this session as Melissa Daniel and Tina Hyken discuss budget topics including where revenue comes from, the difference between discretionary vs. earmarked funds, how budget decisions are made, the business-manager-to- unit-leader relationship, and more.

Pulse Survey Debrief 2.0 - download slides

Wednesday, February 7
12 – 12:50pm CT

It’s one thing to be aware of the pulse survey data and trends, it’s another to act on it. Join us for this session where we seek to move beyond understanding the data and consider actions we each can take to continue moving the needle.

Work Prioritization Panel - download slides

Wednesday, February 21
12 – 12:50pm CT

When workload is high, work prioritization becomes imperative. Join us for this session where panelists will share strategies for managing your time and energy, prioritizing your work, and having work prioritization conversations.

Lifestyle Leadership - download slides

Wednesday, April 3
12 – 12:50pm CT

Leadership is not one-size fits all. As employees move through the stages of the employee lifecycle, they have different needs, and our leadership goals and priorities shift accordingly. Join us for this high-level overview of lifecycle leadership as we begin to unpack how to lead through the stages of recruitment and hiring; onboarding; development and career advancement; coaching and corrective action; and retention and off-boarding.

Supervisor Performance Management Series

  • Foundations of Performance Management - download slides

    Wednesday, April 10
    12 – 12:50pm CT

    This session will cover the purpose of performance reviews and how to ensure that they function as a growth tool. It will also provide strategies and best practices for preparing to conduct performance evaluations. 

  • Calibration - download slides

    Wednesday, April 17
    12 – 12:50pm CT

    It is important that all supervisors have a shared understanding and consistent application of the performance evaluation scale, this session is designed to facilitate that consistency. We will also discuss how to create a shared understanding of the scale within your unit. 

  • Understanding the Rating Scale - download slides

    Wednesday, April 24th
    12 – 12:50pm CT

    This session will cover any recent changes that have been made to the language of the performance rating scale, provide strategies for differentiating between similar performance ratings, and give participants a change to practice rating performance.

  • Coaching Conversations - download slides: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, and part 5

    Wednesday, May 22nd
    12 – 12:50pm CT

    In this session, we will equip supervisors to confidently conduct coaching conversations with high performers as well as with employees who are underperforming.

  • Performance Management Panel Discussion - Review the Recording

    Monday, June 10th
    12 – 1pm CT

    Join this session to learn more about performance evaluations and what they mean for you and your employees. Our panelist are: Lisa Capone, Ellen Duncan and Carla Jordan.

  • Continuing to Manage Performance - download slides

    Wednesday, July 10th
    12 – 1pm CT

    You've submitted your performance evaluations and had performance check-ins with your direct reports - but there's still work to be done! Performance management is an ongoing job for supervisors. Join us for this session as we discuss how to continue to manage employee performance shortly after performance check-ins and throughout the next year.