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Employee Recognition

Honoring Your Employee's Contribution

Tips for managers and supervisors

Planning recognition

Realizing employees want to be recognized in various ways, we are providing tips and suggestions to assist you make the recognition special. In planning for the celebration, consider the following:

  • How would the employee want to be recognized? Private or public recognition?
  • Recognition statements should be genuine and meaningful.
  • Plan the recognition as close to the employee's anniversary date as possible.
  • Get your team/staff and colleagues involved in the recognition. Consider including family and friends.
  • Consider framing the employee's certificate prior to presentation. Perhaps include a personalized note.
  • Start or continue a tradition. Present a gift, organize an event or provide an opportunity you know the employee will treasure.

Ideas to help you make recognition special

There are many ways to recognize employees for little to no cost. Here are just a few ideas an employee might appreciate.

  • Honor the employee at a staff or other meeting
  • Host a potluck or covered dish lunch i the employee's honor
  • Present a rose or other favorite flower to the employee for each year of employment
  • Deliver a bouquet of flowers, balloons, cookies or another treat on the anniversary date
  • Arrange an opportunity to stand on the sidelines at a sporting event
  • Provide time for personal wellness
  • Ask someone to cover the employee's phones for an hour or two
  • Flex the employee's hours for a day or a week
  • Extend the employee's lunch break, treat the employee to lunch
  • Give the employee time to use Percipio for personal and professional development
  • Most importantly, don't forget to say "thank you"

Ideas to Make Recognition Special

This is a time to say "thank you." Consider these ideas to acknowledge and celebrate your employee:

  • Send a handwritten thank you note
  • Collect notes of appreciation from current and previous team members
  • Honor the employee at a staff or other meeting
  • Announce the anniversary in a department publication
  • Provide time for personal wellness
  • Flex the employee's hour for a day or week
  • Say "thank you," publicly or privately