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Our Human Resources Payroll staff administers payroll policies for UMSL employees.

Pay Policies and Procedures

All employees must be entered into the HR/Payroll system to be paid. Employees are paid monthly or bi-weekly depending on whether they are in an exempt or non-exempt position, and on their salary level. View detailed pay policies.

Direct Deposit

Under university policy, all employees' pay must be deposited into a checking or savings account.

Pay Cycles

  • Pay dates for hourly employees are bi-weekly on Wednesday (26 pay periods per year). Payroll staff provide the department with a monthly payroll calendar, indicating the date and time payroll is due and the date hourly employees will be paid.
  • Pay dates for monthly employees are on the last working day of each month. When changes are made, they are announced in advance. This happens whenever university holidays or closings interfere with a normal payday.


Please contact Human Resources at ummupayrollsharedservices@umsystem.edu.