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Instructions for Reviewing/Updating Personal Information

Below are the instructions to verify or update your personal information in PeopleSoft myHR. Individual faculty and staff are responsible for updating this information. For full-time (≥ 75% FTE) faculty and staff only, your name, title, department name, campus address, campus telephone number, and UM assigned email address will be printed in the A-Z section of the Faculty and Staff Directory.  (NOTE: Home addresses and home telephone numbers will NOT be published in the telephone directory.) 

Step #1 - Campus Telephone Number (and Other Personal Information)

Updates to an employee's home address and telephone number, as well as other personal information, may be made online at  https://myhr.umsystem.edu

  • On the myHR landing page, the radio button next to  This is a private computer should be selected. Enter your username and password and click on "Submit." If prompted, select where you would like the pass-through authentication code sent. Enter the code when it is received. If you receive an error message, please contact the Technology Support Center/Help Desk at x6034.  
  • Click on "My Personal Details" near the top right of the page under the UM SYSTEM banner. Address information is displayed on the landing page. You may review/change any of the items that display on the left side of the page under your name, by clicking on each and proceeding as follows:
    • Addresses -
      • If you need to update your address: click the right-facing arrow on the right of the page. Delete the previous data and write in your new information.Click save for the changes to be applied.
      • If no data exists: click the [Add...] button, complete the appropriate fields, and click Save. 
    • Contact Details  (Phone, Email, Instant Message)
      • If you need to add a new contact detail or new email: Click on the [+] button at the top left, right under 'Phone'. The new window will ask ask you for a 'Type' of contact. There are multiple types such as: 
        • Phone Number:
          • Dormitory, FAX, Mobile, Numberic Pager, Telex, Work, Main
        • Email:
          • Retiree, Home, Other
      • Click on which ever type you would like to use and enter in the number and extension. Once you click Save, the number will be added to your list.
      • If you would like to make a number or email your preferred method of contact: click back on the right-facing arrow of the number or email you want to be preferred. Click the 'Preferred' check box and save.
      • If you need to update your contact details or email: click on the right-facing arrow on the right of the page of the number or email you want to update. Type in your new number or email and save it.
      • If you want to delete a contact detail or email: click on the right-facing arrow on the right of the page of the number or email you want to delete. Click the 'Delete' button.
      • If no data exists: click the [Add...] button. (Only the UM assigned email address will be published in the telephone directory.)
    • Ethnic Groups - click on the pencil icon on the right of the page to make changes. Click the Save button. This section is optional.
    • Emergency Contacts - click on the right-facing button to make changes. Click on the + button to add a contact.
    • Disability - select the desired option, then click Submit. This section is optional.
    • Veteran Status - select the desired Self-Identification option and click submit.
    • UM Emergency Information - the Registration page for the Emergency Mass Notification System (EMNS), if you have not recently opted in or out of the program. If you have, review the information, then click on "Opt-In" or "Opt-out" to continue
    • UM Employee Data -
      • check if you want to restrict the release of home address and telephone number;
      • check if you will be working with or around animals that are used for research or teaching, or if you will be handling research/teaching animal tissue or fluids.
    • Education Information - review/update, then click the "Save" button.

Step #2 - Campus Address

To change your campus address, contact your ePAF Initiator. If you do not know who your initiator is, please ask your department, unit assistant, or business support specialist.

Also, notify the UMSL Postal Services manager by campus mail, 7 J.C. Penney Dock, of your new campus address.

Step #3 - Department and Job Title

Only official PeopleSoft HR System (Global Grading) titles will be included in the A-Z portion of the telephone directory,  NOT  working titles as they appear in the Outlook global address book. Changes to this information must be made through the appropriate department and Human Resources channels. 

  • In myHR, click on "Payroll", at the middle left of the page, under the UM SYSTEM banner. Next, click on "Paychecks" then click on one of the right-facing arrows to  review the following in a new window:
    • Name and Address
    • Employee ID
    • Department
    • Job Title (Global Grading)
    • Pay Rate
  • Click on the 3-bar icon at the top right corner of the page, and click "Sign Out", to exit "myHR."