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Child Care Resources

For support finding child care for young or school-aged children:

You and your family may qualify for child care subsidies, vouchers, or free child care programs. Some options in our community include:

  • State of Missouri Childcare Subsidy Program:  You may be eligible to receive child care assistance through the State of Missouri Childcare Subsidy Program. Learn more about   the program, who qualifies, and how to apply.
  • Head Start and Early Head Start:  Head Start and Early Head Start programs provide free learning and development services to eligible low-income families with children ages birth to 5. Early Head Start and Head Start welcome children with disabilities. Some Early Head Start programs also provide prenatal services for pregnant women. Review the steps to apply for a Head Start program and use the Head Start Locator to find a Head Start program near your home. If you need more help to find a Head Start program near your home, call the Early Childhood Learning and Knowledge Center (toll-free) at 1-866-763-6481 Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–6 p.m. ET or visit their Contact Us web page. 
  • Childcare Assistance for Military families: Child Care Aware® of America provides information, resources and supports for military families and their children. More than 10,000 military children are served each year.


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