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Information for Clinical Educators

A university clinical educator will mentor teacher candidates at each studio school site to support their work with P-12 students and ensure a collaborative school-university partnership. The university clinical educator will be in a studio school site to mentor teacher candidates, lead seminars, and provide support to schools.

The Responsibilities of Clinical Educators

Observations and Observation Tools

  • Conduct observations and complete the DESE MEES Teacher Candidate Assessment Rubric for each teacher candidate.
  • Collaborate with the clinical teacher on observation feedback and MEES Teacher Candidate Assessment Rubric, complete formative and summative observations each semester, and provides regular feedback to the candidate.

Daily Responsibilities

  • Work collaboratively with the school administration and faculty to develop a successful Studio School model in which teacher candidates will engage with all aspects of the school academic curriculum, professional development, professional learning communities, data teams, etc.
  • Facilitate collaborative exchange sessions with teacher candidates that are inquiry- focused and designed to move theory to practice.
  • Coach and mentor teacher candidates in classroom teaching and Missouri education standard. 
  • Work with candidates on-site in schools one day per week or every-other-week throughout the academic semester to mentor, advise and engage with both candidates and classroom teachers throughout the school day.
  • Assess teacher candidates’ instruction in a variety of settings and supported by documents in the electronic format, including MEES and the Professionalism Checklist.
  • Communicate on a regular basis with the Director of Clinical Experience.
  • Grade course work in Canvas and provide feedback.
  • Assign a final Practicum grade.

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