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These special newsletters are coming to you from Deans for Impact to support your work in the Learning by Scientific Design Network. Together, we'll continue exploring how we can support novice teachers to use learning-science informed practices in their teaching.

The Office of Clinical Experience will post Learning by Scientific Design newsletters as they are received.

Effortful Thinking Common Pitfalls

Teacher Action: Examples and Non-Examples

Prompting for Effortful Thinking

Creating Attention to Meaning

Attention to Meaning Common Pitfalls

Protocol Toolkit: Examples and Non-Examples

Protocol Toolkit: Effortful Thinking

Protocol Toolkit: Attention to Meaning

Catalyzing High-Quality Pathways into Teaching

Grand Seminar 1 Spring 2023 DFI Presentation

Grand Seminar 1 Spring 2023 DFI Examples and Non-Examples Resource

Tips for Observing and Coaching: Attention to Meaning