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Information for Alternative Applications

Under certain conditions, the COE provides approval for those who already have paid employment as Teaching Assistants, Full Time Teachers, or Long-Term Substitute Teachers (with a minimum of a 12 week assignment) to remain in the current role and complete their Practicum 1 and/or 2 requirements in that setting. Please complete the relevant Google Form below. If you have any questions, please email Stephanie Koscielski at koscielskis@umsl.edu or Christine Sykora at sykorac@umsl.edu.

Practicum 1 Alternative Application (Fall 2024 ONLY)
Practicum 2 Alternative Application (Fall 2024 ONLY)

It is important to note that if you conduct an alternative practicum placement, you are an employee who is simultaneously completing a Practicum. UMSL cannot be responsible for any actions or changes implemented by your employer. If your position is lost or changed and/or you cannot complete your practicum, your practicum could be postponed until the following semester. UMSL will be unable to provide a placement within a Studio School once the semester has already begun.