If you have any undergraduate degree and you are interested in transitioning to computer-science-related career but you don’t have prior directly related degree or training, you may still transition into one of our graduate programs.

Graduate certificates are easiest to get into as they have more limited admission requirements specific to the certificates, for more information review the certificate of interest. You may complete just a certificate, or you may use those credits to transfer into one of our degree programs.

Our graduate degree programs in Computer Science and in Cybersecurity/Computer Science Emphasis have some admission requirements related to GPA and foundations. If you are interested in transitioning to one of the degree programs and have only some of the required foundations, you may still apply and potentially be accepted with some restrictions. If you do not have any foundations or have too few, you are advised to start working on some foundation areas as listed for the graduate program of interest, contact the listed graduate director for more guidance. In general, your options would be:

  1. You may apply as an undergraduate non-degree student to start related coursework and then apply to one of the programs.
  2. You may apply for one of the undergraduate programs and either finish it or transition to a graduate program.
  3. You may apply for one of the graduate programs as described above depending on your situation.
  4. You may start with a graduate certificate of your interest and finish there or transfer into a program.
  5. You may also cover the foundations anywhere through credit and/or non-credit training (if your knowledge comes from non-credit training you would need to demonstrate your knowledge/experience, contact the progran director for more details).

All of our undergraduate degrees start with the same common courses which if properly selected will cover your admission foundations to a graduate program.