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Overview of PhD in Supply Chain and Analytics

Supply Chain Management & Analytics are key areas of growing importance for 21st century economies locally, nationally and internationally. The Ph.D. in Business Administration with a Supply Chain Management emphasis features major themes of analytical modeling and international business. It provides a solid understanding of broad business issues, the latest developments in supply chain management, and current technology - all complemented with expertise in international and analytical aspects of supply chain.

The full-time program accommodates traditional students with baccalaureate or graduate degrees in a relevant area (e.g., business, management science, transportation, operations research), as well as more experienced individuals seeking a career change through in-depth study leading to a doctoral degree. A part-time program is also available for highly qualified students, such as mid-career managers with an MBA. The primary markets for graduates are academic institutions and research organizations, both nationally and internationally, and recent studies project a strong demand for new faculty in Supply Chain and Analytics. Graduates will also find opportunities in the growing private sector demand for advanced Logistics and Supply Chain expertise.

The core philosophy of the instructional component of the Supply Chain and Analytics Ph.D. program is to provide a solid grounding in business, with special coverage of international business logistics topics and analytical modeling. The primary focus of the research component of the program is applied research in logistics and supply chain management. This will contribute to the knowledge base in an operating environment that is increasingly complex, international, data-rich and technologically-driven.

The SCMA Ph.D. program relies on the College of Business Administration's nucleus of high quality faculty in the SCMA area. The program also leverages links with the College's affiliated research center (SCR3), and the International Business Institute.

 All programs in the College of Business Administration carry the prestigious accreditation of the AACSB.