Triton Supporter Admissions Checklist

Welcome to the Triton community! We are so excited to have your student join the UMSL family. As your new Triton moves through their college search, here at UMSL, we want you to feel prepared in supporting them through this transition with the following checklist items:

  Pretty soon your student will be navigating the college world and making big decisions.  Help them transition by allowing your student to take control of their college process. You can still show your support as their Coach, Consultant or hip Executive Assistant.

  Choosing the right college can be a bit overwhelming! Help your student create a list of their top schools for a side by side comparison. Here is a list of criteria to help you get started: location, housing, academic programs and extracurricular activities, costs and financial aid.

Do your research

  A great personal experience goes a long way. Set aside some time with your student to call and talk with their top schools. A receptive, informative and welcoming staff can make for a great college experience! You can also prepare a list of questions ahead of time to be sure all your concerns are addressed.

  Many schools are offering virtual visits and tours due to COVID-19. Participating in your student’s virtual visits and tours is a great way to help with their jitters while getting your questions answered as well.

  Who’s on your team? Many people are eager to help your student on their college journey: their high school counselor, admissions representative, student finance advisor, academic advisor, etc. Help your student keep track of these important people with a contact list or directory.

   Stay up to date on the institutions you're interested in: follow them on social media for updates, sign up for newsletters where available for more insight. Sign up for Family Sessions to learn more about your role during this transition.

Finding the right financial fit

  Your student could also may use your help with completing the FAFSA; particularly the sections requiring tax information. Why not schedule a day to collect these important documents and complete the FAFSA together?

  It’s never too early to talk to your student about financing their education. Have an honest, candid talk with your student about college costs and their options for funding their education. You can even contact the financial aid office together if you have any questions!

  Even the best writers have editors. Offer to review your student’s scholarship applications for spelling and grammatical errors. Their accomplishments and awards can really give their scholarship applications a boost!

Get organized

  Get creative! Turn a dedicated space in your house into a fun, inspirational college hub for organizing and storing college materials.

  Put your calendar to use! Help your student keep track of important dates and deadlines (housing application deadline, orientation date, priority scholarships deadline, registration date, etc.) with a calendar or spreadsheet. You can even set up a weekly time to meet with your student on their admission progress and next steps!

  Most importantly, get excited with your student about their admission to UMSL! This is HUGE and life changing, so celebrate with them! Show them you believe in them and are their #1 cheerleader.