Due to the impact of COVID-19, UMSL has adopted a test-optional admission policy for first-time college applicants for the fall 2022 term. 

Test-optional means ACT/SAT scores will not be required for admission decisions, and applicants will have the option of being reviewed with or without standardized test scores. 

Our goal is to ensure that all high-achieving, motivated students have access to the University of Missouri-St. Louis regardless of if they have access to standardized testing or not.

Choosing to be reviewed without test scores means the admission decision will be determined by a committee. To be considered for admission without standardized test scores, applicants must have a 3.0 core GPA or higher. Some students who are reviewed will be conditionally admitted. See below for an understanding of conditional admit.

The test-optional application process will also require a personal statement (250 words or less double spaced) and official high school transcripts be sent to the committee.  

Applicants may also submit a resume and letters of recommendation from high school officials to support their application. However, these supplemental documents are not required for consideration.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Triton Learning Enrichment for Academic Performance (LEAP) program

Some students upon review will be admitted as a conditionally admitted student which means you are required to participate in the Triton Learning Enrichment for Academic Performance (LEAP) Program. This transition program is designed to provide you with the guidance and support you need to successfully complete your first year of college. Our dedicated staff is committed to your success and looks forward to helping you reach your academic and professional goals. You will be assigned a LEAP Success Coach in the Office of Student Enrichment and Achievement, as well as a peer mentor, to provide the following support in your transition to UMSL:

  1. Connect you to University resources and services (tutors, supplemental instruction, personal development workshops, etc.)
  2. Monitor your academic progress and performance indicators (class attendance, assignment completion, mid-term grades, etc.)
  3. Provide academic skill development activities to ensure your academic success
  4. Assist you with understanding and navigating the campus environment
  5. Explore the different majors available at UMSL and help you find the best fit
  6. Encourage you to get involved in activities to enhance your UMSL experience

Your admission decision email will provide you with more information and a agreement you will sign. You can also speak to your Student Recruitment Specialist about the LEAP program. 

An essay you write to show the admission review  committee who you are and why you should be admitted to UMSL. It should be no more than 250 words double spaced.  
Students who believe their ACT or SAT scores represent a strong, positive component of their academic portfolio may still submit them as a core element of their application package. 

UMSL offers:

Students can still qualify for the UMSL Bound Dual Credit Scholarship without ACT Scores as long as they have a 3.0 and took one dual-credit class through UMSL in high school.

If students are eligible for the Academic Scholarship or University Scholarship, they cannot combine it with the UMSL Bound Dual Credit Scholarship.

More information about Scholarships at UMSL.

Transfer students who apply to UMSL need to provide ACT or SAT scores only if they are under that age of 24, and have less than 24 transferrable hours. They must also provide an official high school transcript in the case above.  
Adult learners are defined as students who are outside of the "traditional" college student age (18-22). Students who are 24 or older applying for undergraduate admission as first-time college students are not required to provide standardized test scores for the purpose of admission.
International students who apply to UMSL do not need to provide SAT, SAT subject tests, or ACT scores unless they choose to do so. However, if English is not the student's native language, the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) score is required. 
Yes, homeschooled students are required to submit SAT or ACT scores for consideration of admission and academic scholarships.
Yes, GED/HiSET students are required to submit SAT or ACT scores for consideration of admission and academic scholarships unless they are 24 years old or older.