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UMSL is categorized as a selective institution, meaning we admit students who are among the top academic achievers based on high school class rank, performance on standardized college aptitude tests, and required high school units.

To get started, please review our admission requirements by student type:


FIRST-TIME, FULL-TIME FRESHMAN STUDENTS — Students who are currently in high school, or just graduated, who have not attended a college or university before enrolling at UMSL to obtain a degree; includes students applying with early college credit.

TRANSFER STUDENTS — Students transferring from another college or university with at least 24 earned semester hours of college-level work.

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS — Students living outside the United States or its possessions.

HOME-SCHOOLED STUDENTS — Students who have completed a home-schooled curriculum leading to a diploma and/or high school equivalency certificate.

HIGH SCHOOL EQUIVALENCY STUDENTS — Students who seek admission on the basis of passing the High School Equivalency (HiSET) test, formerly the General Education Development (GED) test.

RETURNING STUDENTS — Students who were admitted to UMSL but did not enroll, or students who did enroll but have not been actively enrolled for a period of an academic year or longer.

NON-DEGREE-SEEKING STUDENTS — Visiting students who have completed at least one semester at another institution and plan to return to that college or university after attending UMSL, or students interested in taking classes for personal or professional development but not wanting a degree from UMSL.