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This is an electronic application that requires about 15-20 minutes to complete. Once completed, it will be reviewed by our Admissions staff and/or faculty. You will be contacted within 10-14 days regarding the status of your admission. You can also return to this site and check on your application status at any time.

Graduate Students 
Graduate application fee is $50. 

Also, depending on the timeline and requirements for your specific program, the application process may take months to complete.  Please be patient as we process your application materials.  You may check your status online at


UMSL Alumni or students that have previously attended UMSL: Your undergraduate/graduate records are accessible by Graduate Admissions and you do not need to send an UMSL transcript or resend previously submitted final transcripts.

Should you have any questions or should any situation arise that prevents you from applying or submitting the application fee, please contact our campus specialists in electronic applications for assistance:

Jerry Hoffman - (314) 516-5719
Levi Locke - (314) 516-5169

If you prefer, you can use a printed PDF format of the application as an Undergraduate Applicant. All Graduate applications must be submitted online.


What You Will Need: