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Do you have some unanswered questions before applying or coming to University of Missouri-St Louis? Here, we answer our most commonly asked questions. Please review the categories below and reach out to us if you have further questions.

Q: How do I apply for admission?

A: Prospective undergraduate students should complete the Application for Undergraduate Admission. UMSL also accepts the Common Application. You will also need to request official transcripts to be sent from your high school (and all colleges/universities where you have college credit), and submit an official ACT or SAT score. Please call the Office of Admissions at 888.GO.2.UMSL if you have questions. Prospective graduate students should complete the Application for Graduate Admission and contact the Graduate School with any questions at 314-516-5900.

Q: When should I apply?

A: The best time for undergraduates to apply to UMSL is early in your senior year of high school. We begin reviewing applications in early-September. For full consideration of scholarships and housing, it is best to apply before March 1 of your senior year. Graduate Students should refer to their degree program of interest.

Q: How long does it take to receive an admissions decision?

A: Once we have received all of the necessary documents, it usually takes 1-2 business days to receive an admissions decision.

Q: What are your freshman admission requirements?

A: Admission to UMSL is based upon a 120-point scale, consisting of a core high school curriculum, class rank or core grade point average, and standardized test scores (ACT or SAT), as outlined by the Board of Curators for the University of Missouri system. Detailed Freshman Admission Requirements are listed elsewhere on the website.

Q: Do I have to send transcripts from the schools at which I am taking dual enrollment courses?

A: It is not necessary to submit college transcripts when you first apply to UMSL. However, after graduation, you must request official, final transcripts from both your high school and any college/university at which you earned college credit.

Q: What is UMSL's ACT/SAT school code?

A: 2383 (ACT) | 6889 (SAT)

Q: Do you superscore the ACT?

A: UMSL does not superscore the ACT (meaning take the highest subscores from each of the ACT tests taken and create a new composite). UMSL takes the highest composite score from any of the ACT tests taken.

Q: What is a "core GPA" and how is it calculated?

A: UMSL calculates a new grade point average based on the core classes we review for admission. Our Enrollment Advisors review your transcripts to find those specific core units that we require for admission and we calculate a new "core" GPA based on those classes. While your cumulative GPA may be one number, your core GPA may be different because we take out classes like PE, Health, Weight Training, Shop, etc.

Q: How do I apply for scholarships?

A: All automatic merit scholarships are awarded based off of information obtained from the application for admission. However, a separate Scholarship Application is located on the Student Financial Aid website. For more information about scholarships and financial aid, visit Student Financial Aid.

Q: What is the FAFSA?

A: The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the application required for students to be considered for federal student aid. It is a free application. You can obtain a FAFSA from your high school college counselor, the Office of Student Financial Aid at UMSL, or complete the FAFSA online.

Q: What is UMSL's FAFSA code?

A: 002519

Q: What does EFC mean?

A: A student's Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) is used to determine eligibility for federal student aid. The EFC tells the government how much a family can commit to a student's educational expenses.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: The average annual cost for undergraduate Missouri residents is estimated at $10,275, including tuition and fees. Room and board fees are additional for those students wishing to live on campus. Total cost for undergraduate Missouri residents living on campus is estimated at just over $20,000. This is before any financial aid is applied. Non-resident students pay additional fees. Additional information may be found at the Cashier's Office.

Q: How many students are at UMSL?

A; UMSL enrolls approximately 17,000 students total. The undergraduate population is 13,812 students.

Q: Where in St. Louis are you located?

A: UMSL is the largest public university in the St. Louis area with the campus located off Natural Bridge Road and I-70 in St. Louis County. 

Q: What kinds of programs are offered?

A: UMSL offers 48 bachelor’s degree programs, 36 master’s degree programs, 15 doctoral degree programs, 24 graduate certificate programs, two education specialist programs, and the only professional optometry degree in Missouri.

Q: What is your student teacher ratio?

A: 18:1

Q: Do you have an honors program?

A: UMSL offers an honors college program called the Pierre Laclede Honors College, accepting only the highest academic achievers. Additional scholarships are available through the Honors College. Class sizes are smaller, providing a more discussion-based curriculum.

Q: What is a credit hour?

A: A credit hour is equal to one hour of class each week during a semester. For example: an English class that is three credit hours meets three hours each week during the semester. A five credit hour Chemistry class would meet five hours each week including a lecture, lab and recitation.

Q: Can I have a car on campus?

A: Yes. Students are allowed to bring a car to campus. However, it isn't necessary. UMSL has two MetroLink stations (UMSL North and UMSL South) that allow students to access the city.

Q: Do I have to pay for parking?

A: The cost for a parking permit is included in your student activity fees. You may pick up your parking permit at the Cashier's Office.

Q: What types of transportation are available if I don’t have a car?

A: St. Louis Metro is the area’s public transportation service with both bus and rail stops at the campus. All enrolled students can purchase a $25 Metro pass each semester and can pick them up in the Cashier's Office.

Q: Is there on-campus housing?

A: Yes. UMSL offers suite-style living in Oak Hall. In suite-style living, you will have your own bedroom, but share a bathroom with up to three other students. UMSL also offers departmental living in the University Meadows Apartments. In addition, students who are over 21-years-old, or who have dependents, may live in our Mansion Hill Condominiums.

Q: How many students live on campus?

A: About 1,000 students live on campus.

Q: What is Greek Life like?

A: UMSL has three sororities and four fraternities that on average cost about $200 per semester. Our fraternities and sororities are active in both campus activities and academics and assist all members with character and leadership. Greek Life is a great opportunity for friendship and school pride.

Q: Does UMSL have any athletic teams?

A: Yes. UMSL competes in the Great Lakes Valley Conference at the NCAA Division II level. The Tritons fields 13 athletic teams. Men’s sports include; baseball, basketball, golf, soccer, swimming/diving, and tennis. Women’s sports include; basketball, golf, soccer, softball, swimming/diving, tennis, and volleyball.