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Admission Information for Prospective Students With Prior College Credit

UMSL values transfer students, defined as a student transferring from another college or university with at least 24 earned semester hours of college-level work.

A transferring student who has completed fewer than 24 hours must apply under the procedures for admission to the freshman class with the additional requirement that they submit official transcripts from all college-level courses attempted at previous institutions that document at least a 2.3 GPA.

Students transferring from other colleges and universities with at least 24 hours must submit the following information:

  • A completed online Undergraduate Application
  • Official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended. Hand-carried credentials are not accepted.

All credentials submitted for admission become the property of the university.

Apply as a Transfer Student

Missouri State Transfer Agreement

Although transfer students should be aware that requirements for degrees vary from institution to institution, some transferred credits may not apply to UMSL programs, UMSL has attempted to minimize the loss of credits by adhering to the Missouri Coordinating Board of Higher Education (CBHE) Articulation Agreement. The agreement outlines statewide undergraduate general education requirements that satisfy the general requirements for students transferring into UMSL and students transferring out of UMSL to other public universities in the state.

UMSL requires mathematics and writing proficiency beyond the general requirements in the CBHE Statement. Please refer to the general education requirements for details.

Transfer Credit

The articulation agreement among public institutions within the state of Missouri governs transfer of credit to UMSL from colleges and universities within the state of Missouri. These guidelines also apply to students transferring to UMSL from schools located outside Missouri. Advanced standing in the form of credit hours may be allowed for work satisfactorily completed in another public or private college or university of recognized standing located in the state of Missouri, as long as the work satisfies the requirements of the student's major.

The transcript at each institution includes all courses attempted. Grades of D or better earned in college-level work at an accredited or approved institution of higher education should receive full credit when transferred to UMSL. The university, however, will treat all grades on courses attempted on the same basis as that of a UMSL student. For example, if a program requires a UMSL student to repeat a specified course having earned a D grade, a transfer student will also be required to repeat the same course if it carries a D grade.

To maximize transfer credits from community colleges, UMSL has transfer guides and articulation agreements with area colleges. Should community college students have any question about the transferability of courses not in the articulation agreement, they should contact the appropriate Transfer Coordinator, preferably prior to taking a course.

Advanced Standing

Advanced standing includes credit by examination, examination that may or may not appear on a transfer student’s transcripts, including College Board Advanced Placement (AP), the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP), International Baccalaureate (IB), and Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES). It also includes credit by portfolio review (Bachelor of Fine Arts only). These lower-division credits may not apply at the senior level. For examination credit, students should submit appropriate verification documents to the Office of Admissions before their first semester at UMSL. Students interested in the portfolio review should contact the Art Department. Early attention to these matters is essential to avoid unnecessary course work or repeats that can lead to loss of credit. If examinations are completed at a later date, verification documents should be submitted as soon as they are available.

Shortly after all official transcripts and other verifications are on file, students' previous academic records are evaluated to determine which courses are applicable, and students receive a written report of the results. Degree checks determining whether courses meet a specific degree requirement and whether courses are accepted as a part of the student's academic major are made in the office of the appropriate dean or advisor. Should there be any question concerning applicability of any courses, students should discuss this with that advisor.

Associate Degree Transfers from Community Colleges

A student admitted to the university and holding an associate degree (2.0 GPA or higher) applicable toward the baccalaureate degree will be accepted in junior standing. Students fulfilling the general education requirements outlined by the Missouri Coordinating Board of Higher Education and certified by the sending institution will have met the lower division general education requirements at UMSL. Students with AA degrees from Missouri institutions that include a CBHE approved general education core may transfer more than 64 credit hours for lower division courses. Any additional lower division course credits above 64 credit hours must be applicable to the baccalaureate degree or must be a prerequisite for an upper division course in the major. However, this does not exempt the student from meeting specialized lower-division degree requirements of specific departments. Courses completed in the associate degree program are evaluated for application to specific degree requirements by the same criteria used for transfer students from other colleges and universities.

Transfers Within the University of Missouri System

Students must be in good standing at another campus of the University of Missouri to be eligible for admission. Students not in good standing will not be admissible until after one year from the date of the suspension/dismissal. Students must meet the minimum admission requirements of a 2.3 GPA.

Any course that leads to an undergraduate degree on any campus of the University of Missouri shall be accepted in transfer toward the same degree on any campus of the university offering that degree. Grades, including D and F grades, and honor points earned in such courses will also transfer and will be included in the cumulative grade point averages. Unresolved problems related to transferability of credit may be appealed to the office of the appropriate dean.

Students within the last 30 hours of graduation may take a limited number of courses at another campus in the UM System, provided the last 15 hours are taken at UMSL and the work is approved by their respective dean and department.

Suspended and Dismissed Transfer Students

It is the practice of the Office of Admissions at UMSL to uphold any suspension or dismissal decision offered to a student from another institution. Students suspended will be required to sit out for one year from the date of suspension before enrolling in UMSL. In addition, students must still meet the minimum admission requirements of a 2.3 GPA. A student may need to attend another institution in order to increase his/her GPA.  Students who have been dismissed from another institution may not enroll at the university.

Students who have been dismissed from a specific college or school within another institution will need to show proof that they are eligible to enroll and/or are back in good standing at the previous institution in order to enroll with UMSL.

Additionally, students who are suspended/dismissed from another UM System institution shall not be admissible until after one year from the date of the suspension/dismissal. Even though a student is removed from suspension, the student must still meet the minimum admission requirements of a 2.3 GPA.