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Web Page Tips: Links

After creating a new page, you will need to link to it. The text you choose to to make the link should be very descriptive of the page to which you are linking.

If you are linking to a new page called departmental policies, you should:

  1. Highlight the text departmental policies
  2. Click on the crosshairs next to the link window
  3. Drag it to point to the file in your file window on the right

When you have done it correctly, the Link window in the bottom Properties menu will list the file in it.


Linking to a webpage outside of your site

  1. Type text that is decriptive of the page you will be linking to (this will become the link)
  2. Highlight the text
  3. Paste the URL of the Website in the Link window at the bottom of the Dreamweaver page

Once again, your link text should be descriptive and, in this case, be the name of the Website to which you are linking.


Things to avoid

  • You do not want to use the “click here” or “more info” practice of linking. For example: “For more info on departmental policies, click here.”

  • People with motor disabilities or visitors using screen readers find these types of links very frustrating. An improved link would be one that states, “Learn more about departmental policies.” It is indicitive of what content they will be taken to.

If you need additional assistance, email the Web Office