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Creativity on a Departmental Website

Many UMSL departmental Webmasters take efforts to improve their Web skills and often are chomping at the bit to flex their creative muscles. Unfortunately, a university departmental Web site is not the place to try out flashy fonts, clever animations or unconventional CSS.

One way for departmental Webmasters to test out their Web skills and showcase their creativity is on their own personal Web space provided by the university. Each staff member is given a UNIX account that comes with Web space. Setting up the Web site is as simple as a call to the IT Helpdesk.

Editorial Polices for UMSL World Wide Web Pages

Another way to be creative on a departmental Web site is to utilize pictures that highlight your department. While the UMSL standard template may limit what information can be put where, the body of the Web pages is for each department to put their own content.

The best looking Web sites use pictures that don’t distract from the content, but add to it and promote the department.

Many departments use rotating images as a way of promoting their department and displaying their creativity. By having your own rotating images you can promote your department and improve the look, while making your Web site unique. The only requirement is that the pictures fit into the 720 pixels wide by 156 pixels height dimensions.

You can use your own digital camera to take the photos or borrow one from the Faculty Resource Center

Please note that if your photos contain images of students, you will need to have them sign a Photo Release Form.

To see examples of departments that use their own rotating images please visit:



Study Abroad

Center for International Studies.

Tips on adding images

If you need assistance with adding images, please e-mail the Web Office