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Why UMSL Websites are Standardized

Universities document their quality in many ways. One of the basic expectations is that they are accredited by a regional accrediting agency. In an effort to improve the university’s image before the accreditation visit in September 2008, many older looking Websites were converted to a standard look, as described in the University of Missouri - St. Louis Web Standard Policy.

Many prospective students first contact with UMSL is through the university’s Website. It is important for the university to present a consistent, branded look, so as the students navigate through the many colleges, departments and services on our Website, they are able to find the information they need without any confusion caused by inconsistent appearances of individual Websites.

Standardized UMSL web pages improve the usability of the site by having consistent navigation and enhanced searchability, plus improved promotion of UMSL through current Web images and content.

For questions regarding Web standard policy, please email the Web Office.

For questions regarding the upcoming Conent Management System (CMS) migration of university web pages please visit the UMSL Web Conversion Blog.