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The following form will allow you to restricted who has access to your site. Please read each section carefully. You will be given the option of restricting access by IP Number, restricting access by password protection, or both. Please fill out the following form as accurately as possible. You will be contacted via email when the requested restriction is in place.

Information about person submitting this form

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URL to Restrict

Note: You can restrict access to a specific page, or to a directory within your site. If you fill in a directory (for example:, every file within that directory will be restricted. If you fill in a specific page, (for example:, only that page will be restricted.

IP Restriction

IP restriction controls access to your site based on the location of the computer used to access the site.

Click here to restrict access to UMSL users only. This will allow anyone on-campus or dialed-in to campus to access the page. All external users will not be able to view the information.

If you would like to restrict access to specific computers, list their entire IP numbers below. If you have any questions regarding how to find a machine´s IP number, please call the Technology Support Center at 516-6034.

Password Protection

You can also restrict access to your site by password protecting it. When someone tries to access your site, they will be prompted for a username and paaword.

Desired Username

Desired Password