Instructional Support Services


Instructional Support - Printing Policies


Instructional Support Services uses PaperCut NG to help manage the printing in the lab and classroom environments. PaperCut will assist Instructional Computing in understanding the academic printing needs of students.

PaperCut provides feedback to students on how many pages are in each print job, as well as a history of the print jobs they have sent. There are also features that will allow users to see what their print jobs environmental impact is on trees, carbon, and energy.

Overall the features of PaperCut should help improve our impact on the environment by reducing the amount of paper and toner used in the labs and classrooms.  Those wanting to reduce the amount of paper they consume have a few options; select duplex printing when available, print only documents that will be used, view materials electronically, reduce the size of the margins, and ask your instructor if they you can submit your course work electronically.

It is important to remember the following Instructional Computing printing policies.