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Live Lab Maps

Instructional Support Services - Live Lab Usage Page

All Location Current Usage

Click on "Bar Graph" to see all Lab Capacities

All Locxations Bar Graph


Click on the lab images below to get a Live Current Usage Map of that lab.

Also, see the "in-Demand" times to help schedule your lab use!

Social Sciences Building (SSB 103) for Live Version

SSB 103 map 

Thomas Jefferson Library (TJ 316) for Live version

TJ 316

Marillac Hall (MH 155) for Live version

MH 155

Marillac Hall (MH 100-TLC) for Live version

MH 100 - TLC

Benton Hall (BH 232) for Live version (Currently closed due to Benton Hall remodel)

BH 232 Lab live map

Math Technology & Learning Center (MTLC 50) for Live version

MTLC live map

Social Sciences Building (SSB 452) for Live version

SSB 452 Lab

Honors College (HC 308) for Live version

HC 308 Lab

Bellerive Hall (BR 009) for Live version

BR 009 Lab