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Certificate in University Teaching

Graduate students may now enroll for CUT - the graduate Certificate in University Teaching - which offers the option of a formal course or workshops, conferences for professional development, feedback on teaching, and a variety of seminars. 

CUT Brochure

How Do You Participate?

For the course option, you must enroll as you would any other course (via MyView). Tuition rates apply and you will earn credit hours toward degree completion. You will not need to pay the separate unit fee. The workshops, however, require a separate registration and the fee listed in the Unit title. Use the links below to register.

Faculty and staff colleagues from UMSL and other campuses are welcome to register for one or more CUT units. Please contact Dr. Andy Goodman to discuss related fees. 

CUT Unit 1: Teaching for Learning in the University - $50

Spring 2018

Course Option:
English 5860: Writing/Reading Theory, Mondays 4-6:30 (3 credit hours - regular tuition)

Workshop Option:
Theories of Learning & Motivation | Friday, January 26: ABH106, 10 AM - Noon
Teaching Resources Portfolio | Friday, February 2: ABH106, 10 AM - Noon
Integrating Service-Learning | Friday, March 2: ABH106, 10 AM - Noon
Developing Your Teaching Porftolio | Friday, March 16: ABH106, 10 AM - Noo
Observing Outstanding Professors | Friday, April 6: ABH106, 10 AM - Noonn


CUT Unit 2:

Fall 2017

Workshop Option:
Active Learning | Friday, August 25: SSB334, 10 AM - Noon
Course Design | Friday, September 8: SSB334, 10 AM - Noon
Designing Assignments | Friday, September 22: SSB334, 10 AM - Noon
Interactive Lectures | Friday, October 20: SSB334, 10 AM - Noon
Grading | Friday, November 17: SSB334, 10 AM - Noon

CUT Unit 3: Teaching with Technology - $50

Unit 3 requires two components for completion, a Spring component (course or workshop) AND a Fall component (attending conferences). After registering (link below), complete the Spring component (course or workshop) and then attend and complete logs for the Graduate Student Conference and the Focus on Teaching and Technology Conference.

Spring Component

Workshop Option: Building Readiness to Teach Online
This series of online modules is designed to be completed in 4 weeks: February 12 - March 9.

Fall Component

Course Option:
You may choose one of any of the following courses:
EDTECH5301: Introduction to Computers and the Internet in Education (3 credit hours – regular tuition)
EDTECH5340: Selection and Utilization of Educational Media (3 credit hours – regular tuition)
EDTECH6437: Distance Learning Via Networks and Telecommunications (3 credit hours – regular tuition)
Please check the Fall schedule for availability.

Workshop Option (all are required):

  1. Attend and submit conference log for the Graduate Student Conference - August 17
  2. Attend and submit conference log for the Focus on Teaching and Technology Conference - November 3-4, 2016

CUT Unit 4: Teaching Practicum - $100

The practicum is open to CUT students who have completed Units 1, 2, or 3. This option may be fulfilled by tutoring, teaching a f2f or online course, or facilitating a discussion group or a lab.

  1. Register below.
  2. Contact Dr. Ebest.
  3. Arrange for your teaching to be observed by CTL staff or departmental faculty member. 
  4. Complete weekly teaching logs and email to Dr. Ebest.
  5. Meet with your practicum observer after each observation. Have your teaching observed 3x or once a month.

CUT Unit 5: Professional Development - $50

Fall 2017 (no course option)

Unit 5 is a series of workshops that take place over the course of the academic year. Use the link below to register for Unit 5. You will not need to re-register for spring workshops.



  • Writing in Grad School:
    Friday, September 1: SSB334, 10 AM - Noon
  • Developing Your Academic CV and Letter of Application:
    Friday, September 15: SSB334, 10 AM - Noon
  • Finding and Getting Grants:
    Friday, December 1: SSB334, 10 AM - Noon

  • Writing in Grad School:
    Friday, February 9: ABH106, 10 AM - Noon
  • $tart $mart $alary Negotiation:
    Friday, February 23: ABH106, 10 AM - Noon
  • Preparing for Campus Visits:
    Friday, March 9: ABH106, 10 AM - Noon