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Mid-semester Feedback

Option 1: Mid-semester Feedback System

Please note: The CTL is currently reviewing the questions and migrating them into the CoursEval tool to launch a revised Mid-semester Feedback Survey in Spring 2025.  

What is it? A confidential online questionnaire administered to students to obtain early feedback on the course. See the questions in the survey before registering. 

What are the benefits? Confidential feedback that can be implemented beforebefore final end-of-semester student surveys.

When can you register? Faculty can register for mid-semester feedback as soon as the semester begins and continue until registration closes at the end of the day on February 19, 2024. 

Who can see the results? Only the instructor has access to the feedback.

When is the survey available for students? Students will receive an email notifying them the survey is open on February 20, 2024. The survey will close at the end of the day on March 4, 2024.

Need help or want to explore the FAQ about the mid-semester feedback survey system? Check out this resource.

Option 2: GIFT (Group Instructional Feedback Technique)

Please note: This option is currently on hiatus. We are working on revising this process and hope to have additional options for mid-semester feedback available in Fall 2025.

What is it? A facilitated student group interview about what is working well in a course and where obstacles to learning may be.

  • Instructor explains to the students in the class session prior to the GIFT what will happen during the process, and why the process is being initiated.
  • The day of the GIFT the instructor introduces the CTL facilitators and leaves the room.
  • During the last 20-25 minutes of class the facilitators guide students to reach consensus around what is fostering their learning, barriers to their learning, and potential solutions to those barriers.
  • Facilitator summarizes the responses and within one to two days meets with the instructor to discuss the feedback and potential teaching strategies.
  • Instructor reports proposed changes and feedback to the class.

Who can see the results? Only the instructor and the CTL consultant have access to the feedback. 

When can you register? Faculty can register for a GIFT for 16-week classes by end of 5th week of semester and for 8-week classes by end of 3rd week of course. 

When should the GIFT be completed? The GIFT should be completed around mid-semester but should not be administered directly before or after a major exam or assignment.

What are the benefits? Confidential feedback that can be implemented before final end-of-semester student surveys. Student empowerment and trust built with the instructor through the process.

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) no longer offers the Mid-semester Design Survey for online courses. If you would like to see the questions that we offered for our course design survey, you can find those questions here. For help and feedback with online courses, please visit the UM-system Office of eLearning.