Full-time Faculty & Staff

Robert M. Bliss, PhD

Dean of the Honors College & Associate Professor of History

Phone:(314)516-687 E-mail: rmbliss@umsl.edu

Advises Honors Students:

  • Business Administration (includes Finance, Management, Marketing, and Logistics & Operation Management)
  • Engineering
  • History

Nancy Gleason, MA

Associate Dean Emeritus, Director of Writing, & Teaching Professor

Phone: (314)516-6629 E-mail: nancygleason@umsl.edu

Advises Honors Students:

  • Anthropology
  • Liberal Studies and Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Music
  • Music Education
  • Undeclared majors
  • Writing Certificate Program

Daniel Gerth, MA

Interim Dean & Associate Teaching Professor

Phone: (314)516-7197 E-mail: gerthd@umsl.edu

Advises Honors Students:

  • Biology (majors with the last names from M-Z)
  • Biochemistry
  • Pre-health sciences (pre-med, pre-vet, pre-optometry, pre-dental, etc)
  • Nursing

Kimberly Baldus, PhD

Teaching Professor

Phone: (314)516-4231 E-mail: balduski@umsl.edu

Advises Honors Students:

  • Art History
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • Studio Art
  • Theater and Dance

Gerianne Friedline, MA

Assistant Teaching Professor

Phone: (314)516-7874 E-mail: friedlineg@umsl.edu

Advises Honors Students:

  • Education (except Music Education)
  • Economics
  • International Business
  • Information Systems

Sherry Gerrein

Administrative Associate

Phone:(314)516-5243 E-mail: gerreins@umsl.edu

Assists Honors Students & Faculty

Chad A. Hankinson, MA

Associate Teaching Professor

Phone: (314)516-7152 E-mail: hankinsonc@umsl.edu

Advises Honors Students:

  • Communication
  • Criminology & Criminal Justice
  • Media Studies
  • Political Science
  • Pre-Law
  • Public Policy Administration
  • Social Work
  • Sociology

Jennifer Richardson, MBA

Student Recruitment Specialist

Phone: (314)516-7769 E-mail: askjen@umsl.edu

Assists Honors Students:

  • Admissions & Enrollment
  • Financial Aid & Scholarships
  • Student Mentor Advisory and Recruitment Team (SMART)

Pat Sanders

Office Support Staff

Phone: (314)516-4890 E-mail: sanderspk@umsl.edu

Assists Honors Student & Faculty

Christoph Schiessl, PhD

Assistant Teaching Professor

Phone: (314)516-6871 E-mail:schiesslc@umsl.edu

Advises Honors Students:

  • Biology (majors with the last names from A-L)
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Math
  • Physics

Ann Torrusio, MA


Phone: (314)516-4231 E-mail:torrusioa@umsl.edu

Advises Honors Students:

  • Accounting
  • English
  • Foreign Languages

Campus Teaching Faculty

*Crucial to our inter-disciplinary approach to education is the assistance we receive from other colleges across campus. The following full-time UMSL faculty teach select courses in Honors in addition to courses in their home unit.

Andrew Black :: Philosophy Teaching Professor ablack@umsl.edu

Ruth Bohan :: Art & Art History Professor bohan@umsl.edu

Susan Brownell :: Anthropology Professor sbrownell@umsl.edu

Joseph Carroll :: English Professor jcarroll@umsl.edu

Jill Delston :: Philosophy Assistant Teaching Professor delstonj@umsl.edu

Barbara Harbach :: Music Professor bharbach@umsl.edu

Sally Barr Ebest :: English Professor and Director of the Women & Gender Studies Program sebest@umsl.edu

Beth Eckelkamp :: Associate Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences and College of Fine Arts & Communication, Foreign Languages & Literature Associate Teaching Professor beckelkamp@umsl.edu

Susan Feigenbaum :: Economics Professor sskfeig@umsl.edu

Bernard Feldman :: Joint Engineering Program Associate Dean and Professor of Physics feldmanb@umsl.edu

Kathy Gentile :: English Associate Professor gentilek@umsl.edu

Charles Granger :: Biology Curators Teaching Professor grangerch@umsl.edu

David Griesedieck :: Philosphy Teaching Professor davidgr@umsl.edu

Terry Jones :: Political Science Founders Professor and Fellow in Public Policy Research Center Terry.jones@umsl.edu

David Kimball :: Political Science Professor kimballd@umsl.edu

Jon McGinnis :: Philosophy Professor and Fellow in Public Policy Research Centers mcginnis@umsl.edu

Amy Michael ::Foreign Languages & Literature Lecturermichaela@umsl.edu

Laura Miller :: Anthropology Professor and Eiichi Shibusawa-Seigo Arai Endowed Professor millerlau@umsl.edu

Joyce Mushaben :: Political Science Professor mushaben@umsl.edu

Michael Murray :: Media Studies Curators Distingushed Professor murraym@umsl.edu

Virginia Navarro :: Teaching & Learning Associate Professor Virginia.navarro@umsl.edu

Jean Nelson :: Nursing Teaching Professor jean_nelson@umsl.edu

Kathleen Nigro :: English Associate Teaching Professor nigrok@umsl.edu

Ekin Pellegrini :: Business Management Associate Professor pellegrinie@umsl.edu

Charlotte Petty :: Communication Senior Lecturer pettyc@umsl.edu

Steven Phipps ::Media Studies Visiting Assistant Professor steven_phipps@umsl.edu

Gualtiero Piccinini :: Philosophy Associate Professor piccininig@umsl.edu

David Robertson :: Political Science Curators Teaching Professor and Fellow in Public Policy Research Centers daverobertson@umsl.edu

J. Martin Rochester :: Political Science Curators Teaching Professor rochester@umsl.edu

Waldemar Rohloff :: Philosophy Assistant Teaching Professor rohloffw@umsl.edu

Uma Segal :: Social Work Professor and Fellow in International Studies & Public Policy Research Centers umasegal@umsl.edu

Benjamin Torbert :: English Associate Professor torbertb@umsl.edu

Allon Uhlmann :: Anthropology Assistant Professor uhlmanna@umsl.edu

Brian Vandenberg :: Psychology Professor bvanden@umsl.edu

Susan Waller :: Art & Art History Associate Professor wallersu@umsl.edu

James Wilson :: Continuing Education & Outreach Founders Professor and E. Desmond Lee Endowed Professor in Experimental & Family Education wilsonjh@umsl.edu

Patti Wright :: Anthropology Associate Professor pjwright@umsl.edu

Part-time Honors College Faculty

*Our course offerings are also enriched by contributions from the following part-time faculty, some of whom also teach in other units on campus.

Jennafer Alexander :: Adjunct Instructor alexanderjm@umsl.edu

Kelli Allen :: Adjunct Instructor allenk@umsl.edu

Carol Bourne :: Honors College Lecturer bournec@umsl.edu

Jay Fish :: Continuing Education & Outreach Graduate Instructor j.l.fish@mail.umsl.edu

Elizabeth Grimm-Howell :: Finance Senior Lecturer grimmhowelle@umsl.edu

Donna Hart :: Anthropology Lecturer hartd@umsl.edu

Tom Hensley :: Honors College Lecturer hensleyt@umsl.edu

Repps Hudson :: Honors College Lecturer hudsonre@umsl.edu

Subi Lakshmanan :: Honors College Lecturer lakshmananm@umsl.edu

Jennifer McGillivary :: Adjunct Instructor mcgillivaryj@umsl.edu

Shannon Moore :: Adjunct Instructor mooreshan@umsl.edu

Ronald Tuttle :: Teaching & Learning Assistant Adjunct Professor tuttle@umsl.edu

Benjamin Uchitelle :: Honors College Lecturer uchitelleb@umsl.edu

Mary Vermilion :: Honors College Assistant Adjunct Professor vermilion@umsl.edu

Kate Votaw :: Adjunct Instructor blankmeyerk@umsl.edu

Kathryn Walterscheid :: Honors College Lecturer walterscheidk@umsl.edu

Kathryn Weber :: Honors College Lecturer weberkr@umsl.edu

C. Rob Wilson :: Honors College Lecturer wilsoncha@umsl.edu

Kenneth Wolfe :: Honors College Lecturer wolfeke@umsl.edu