We are ecstatic that you are interested in the Pierre Laclede Honors College! All students interested in the Honors College must complete the steps below.

1. Apply to UMSL
To apply to UMSL, please follow the instructions found on the UMSL Office of Admissions.

2. Meet the Criteria
All first-time college students with a 3.5 GPA or 24 ACT or be in the top 20% of their class and all transfer students with a 3.2 GPA are preselected for admissions into Honors.

  • If you are not preselected or if you are already an UMSL student and would like to join the Honors College, please complete the  online  intention form on your Triton Portal or use this link: https://apply.umsl.edu/register/joinhonors

3. Submit One Writing Sample
Because the Honors College has a focus on writing, you will need to submit one recent writing sample. This can be an essay or paper with or without teacher comments. There is not a word limit or subject requirement. 

4. Accept Invitation to Interview
Once we receive your writing sample, Jenna Haddock, our Admissions Representative, will set up an interview with an Honors Representative. These interviews are informal and we will discuss your interest in the college. Depending on the time of the semester, we might also set up your class schedule. 

5. One Letter of Recommendation
Once you have completed the interview, one letter of recommendation will need to be sent to the Admissions Representative, Jenna Haddock. This letter should come from someone who can speak to your potential as an Honors College student at UMSL.

6. Accept the Invitation to Join the Honors College
After the interview and once we have received all your letter of recommendation, we will send you an invitation to join the Honors College. 


All materials can be uploaded on your Triton Portal or can be emailed to: askhonors@umsl.edu