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There are a lot of great ways for alumni and friends to stay involved with the Honors College!

You can always come visit us to catch up as well as attend our annual Alumni Trivia Night which benefits our named scholarships for students. There are also several giving opportunities that directly benefit our students and ensure the success of future generations of the Honors College. Looking for more ways to get involved as an alumni? Contact the Honors College Alumni Network President Sean Fieser or our Dean, Ed Munn Sanchez.

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Provenance is a student-produced publication of the Pierre Laclede Honors College. Its goal is to help keep alumni and friends connected with the college, current students, and each other. Provenance was awarded first place in the National Collegiate Honors Council student newsletter competition.

Recent issues can be found here:

Fall 2021
Spring 2021
Fall 2020

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Support from alumni and friends is critical to ensuring success for our students. Scholarship support helps us attract more and stronger students and encourages those same students to realize their full potential at St. Louis’s very own public, research university. Gifts help us seize unexpected opportunities for our students’ benefit. All gifts work together to make our small seminars hum, multiply our independent study and research projects, and ensure the continued relevance to our students’ lives of a liberal education and the attitudes to learning it embodies.

Get Involved with the Honors College Alumni Network!

Want to get involved with the leadership team of the Honors College Alumni Network? Contact Honors College Alumni Network President Sean Fieser. The Honors College Alumni Network plans social events, happy hours, networking events, events with students, and the annual Honors College Trivia Night. All Honors College alumni are welcome to be a part of our organization!

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