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Alternative Transportation Options at UMSL

There are many ways to get to and from campus...

UMSL offers staff and students opportunities to ease their commute through Metro Passes, RideFinders, and Guaranteed Ride Home programs.

That daily commute has an environmental impact: In the last UMSL Greenhouse Gas Inventory, we learned that commuting accounts for roughly 62% of our greenhouse gas emissions. Approximately 43,621 MMBtu is produced by faculty, staff, and students. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, our 43,621 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent is equal to 

  •  4,908,417 gallons of gasoline consumed, or

  •  577 tanker trucks' worth of gasoline, or

  •  101,444 barrels of oil consumed, or

  •  6,000 homes' electricity use for one year.

Let's consider an alternative! Find out more below.

UMSL Metro Pass Program

The University of Missouri - St. Louis faculty, students, and staff may ride the Metrolink and Metro buses by presenting a valid I.D. and UMSL Metro Pass, available in the Student Financial Services Office.

The Metro Pass can be purchased each semester by all staff as well as students enrolled in at least nine credit hours. More information Metro Passes can be found on the Student Financial Services website. Without an UMSL Metro Pass, the typical Metro System Two-Hour ticket costs $3.00. Current passes or validated tickets are required on MetroLink. For further information consult Metro Transit

You may use the UMSL Metrolink pass on all MetroLink trains and BI-State buses in the Metropolitan St. Louis area, when classes are in session. Not sure which bus stop or station you need? Try viewing the  MetroLink System Map for additional information or use Google Transit or TripFinder.

Bi-State Bus and MetroLink schedules.

UMSL RideFinders Carpool Program

The University of Missouri - St. Louis uses the RideFinders Carpool Program, which provides a free ridematching service to help commuters share a ride to and from the campus in their personal vehicles. Ridesharing helps reduce the cost of gas, maintenance and parking fees for commuters.

Created in 1994, RideFinders is operated as the St. Louis regional rideshare program by Madison County Transit to improve air quality in the region by reducing traffic congestion.


Guaranteed Ride Home

Registration is required to participate in the "Guaranteed Ride Home" programs. These programs provide immediate transportation in case of an emergency, sickness or unscheduled overtime. In effect, the programs serve as a security blanket for those individuals who choose carpooling, transit or bicycling as their commute option.

CARPOOLERS - If you are a carpooler registered with RideFinders, you are eligible to receive up to four (4), $125 taxi rides home per year if they have to stay late or leave early – guaranteeing peace of mind. 

METRO RIDERS - If you are a Metrolink user registered with Citizens for Modern Transit (CMT), you are eligible for the CMT Guaranteed Ride Home program. The CMT Guaranteed Ride Home Program is an incentive for commuters to commute to work by transit or bicycling rather than driving alone. It allows staff & students to take transit/bicycle while providing them a “safety net”, an assurance that they can get home and not be left at work if a situation arises. More information about the Citizens for Modern Transit Guaranteed Ride Home program for METRO RIDERS.