While maintaining over 350 acres, the UMSL Grounds Department aims to create a campus which celebrates our natural resources, diverse wildlife and the many different landscapes.

The UMSL Grounds Department also strives to create a safe, fun and relaxing atmosphere for our students, faculty, staff, visitors, and community members. The Grounds Department is a devoted group of landscape industry professionals. We operate by promoting ethical and sustainable practices to enhance the integrity, quality, and values espoused by the University. We take great pride in the appearance of the campus grounds and the impact its beauty has on our daily lives.

The Grounds Department is also responsible for the exterior maintenance and repairs of all landscape, irrigation and hardscape areas throughout campus. Other functions include the following:

  • Pruning/trimming of trees, shrubs, lawns, and grounds covers
  • Mowing, fertilization, and integrated pest and water management
  • Landscape and irrigation design/maintenance and oversight of new landscape areas
  • Maintenance and minor repair of parking lots, roads, and signs
  • Weed and invasive plant abatement
  • Wildlife management
  • Advice for new construction / oversight of contractor work in regard to landscape
  • Oversight of parking garages, green waste, litter and outdoor waste receptacles
  • Snow/ice treatment and removal
  • Storm damage cleanup
  • Natural lands management