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The Bike Trails on Campus

The paved trail on the UMSL campus is known as the Wayne Goode Trail. It's named after the famed Missouri legislator who helped found UMSL and you may have noticed the Wayne Goode statue standing on the MSC South Lawn, looking out over the ponds. This trail is also sometimes referred as the "cross-campus trail." 

The Wayne Goode Trail is part of the St. Vincent Greenway. The northern section of the St. Vincent Greenway is 5.5 miles long, stretching 1.2 miles through St. Vincent Park and 4.3 miles through the University of Missouri-St. Louis campus. It ties together the UMSL North and South campuses along with St. Vincent County Park and the Ted Jones Trail. Note that there's also a southern section of the St. Vincent Greenway; the southern portion of the St. Vincent Greenway stretches from Forest Park at Lindell to Trojan Park at Etzel Avenue and North Skinker Parkway. When the St. Vincent Greenway is complete, the two sections will connect and it will extend 7 miles from NorthPark and the University of Missouri-St. Louis campus all the way to Forest Park. (More information about the project can be found on the Great Rivers Greenway website.)

The Ted Jones Trail extends 2.2 miles north to Old Town Ferguson. From the UMSL campus, the trail begins near the North MSC Parking Garage, close to where Grobman Drive meets Florissant Road. This trail runs roughly parallel to Florissant Road, "behind" the University Villa Apartments and Bermuda Heights Apartments. When the Ted Jones Trail reaches Interstate 70, it goes under through a 392-foot-long tunnel and then continues to the intersection of Short and Redmond Avenues. The Ted Jones Trail is part of the North County Bikeway and is named after Edward D. "Ted" Jones, Jr., a Mizzou alum who helped establish the Katy Trail State Park.

Bike to UMSL Days!

At UMSL, we celebrate both Bike To UMSL Days twice in May - both on "Bike to School Day" as well as "Bike to Work Day." Often to celebrate, we'll host a "refueling station" with free coffee, breakfast  snacks & other goodies to make your morning commute even easier!