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Gardening at UMSL

Questions? Contact the UMSL Sustainability Office for more information about gardening on campus!

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The UMSL Community Garden

Currently, one community garden exists on the campus of the University of Missouri - St. Louis. Created by the Environmental Adventure Organization in the Spring 2015 semester, this garden expanded a site initially developed by the Campus Honors Environment Research Project (CHERP). This garden provides a place to play in the dirt and develop a connection to the environment - in addition to producing organic food to be shared with the community.

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For more information on the crowdfunded history of this garden, please visit the UMSL Crowdfund website.

This UMSL Community Garden intends to serve the diverse UMSL campus in an inclusive and transparent way; it is open to all students and staff who are interested, and every effort to accommodate all potential gardeners will be made. Because there are a limited number of garden beds available, there may not be enough beds for individual gardeners to have their own separate bed. In most circumstances, gardeners will be asked to share garden bed plots and a "team” or group of people will share the responsibility for each garden bed.

If you are interested in gardening in a shared bed, please  contact sustainability@umsl.edu (even if you're not certain how much time you commit, but would still like to be involved).

More information about this community garden can also be found in our "UMSL Gream Team" on Microsoft Teams and the "UMSL Community Garden" Group on Facebook. We also write about the garden often on our greenUMSL blog.

To make a donation to keep the garden growing, please visit this website. 


Additional Gardening Opportunities

If you are interested in additional opportunities to garden on the UMSL campus, please contact the Sustainability Office. In the past, student groups and various departments have installed rain gardens, bioswales, prairies, additional community gardens, and other interesting landscape infrastructure.

Let us know if you've got a great idea for campus!

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