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Planning and Design

Facilities Planning and Design (FP&D) is responsible for campus master planning, space inventory and planning, facilities capital planning and programming, design project management and interior design services for the campus. Capital projects that interface with campus infrastructure and/or are of interested to the campus are coordinated with public and private entities.

The Mission of Facilities Planning and Design is to assist campus leadership in the planning and implementation of quality and cost effective physical development programs and project to achieve short and long term strategic objectives and to enhance the quality of the physical environment.   

Attention is given to the diversity of all constituencies served by the unit and the University.   Accessibility of the campus for those with physical challenges is given a top priority at all times.   Minority and Women owned Business participation goals are established of major design and construction projects, and efforts are always made to include firms owned by under-represented groups on smaller projects.   We take pride in our history of successfully making strong contributions to the University of Missouri’s diversity participation record.  

FP&D vision is to continually improve all aspects of the campus environment while demonstrating excellence in customer service, stewardship and accountability. FP&D works closely with UMSL’s upper administration to ensure the campus master plan and capital plans are tied directly to the campus Strategic Plan.