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Print a Paid Fees Letter

From MyView Self Service, students can obtain an itemized summary letter of their semester charges and credits. Charges are displayed even if they have not been paid. This Paid Fees Letter is in a print friendly format and is on the Student Financial Services letterhead. 

The Paid Fees Letter may be used for employer reimbursement purposes or as a paid receipt for the semester. It cannot be used as an official or unofficial transcript. 

To get a Paid Fees Letter, sign on to MyView and follow the instructions below. Be sure that your internet browser is set up to allow pop-ups from MyView.

Sign on to MyView 
Click the Self Service option on the menu bar
Next, click the Student Center link
Under the Finances section, click the Paid Fees Letter link
Now, select a term and click the Submit button to generate the letter.

View a Sample Paid Fees Letter.