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Transform UMSL: Review of Academic Programs (2020 - 2021)

2020-2021 Academic Program Prioritization Report, Feb. 19 Webinar Information

Revisiting the process launched in 2017-18, the 2020-21 Academic Program Prioritization (APP) Committee at the University of Missouri – St. Louis will analyze academic programs previously recommended for further review and make recommendations to the Provost that may result in additional resource investments into programs aligned with the institution’s strategic areas of growth, strength, and excellence as well as the potential elimination, suspension, or alteration of other programs.

In consultation with the Faculty Senate Steering Committee, the Faculty Senate Educational Advisory Committee, and other key stakeholders on the 2020-21 APP Committee’s charge and timeline, the APP process is part of a longer-term institutional strategy for excellence in planning, operations, and stewardship aligned with UMSL’s strategic plan. Academic programs that do not undergo review in 2020-21 are expected to be reviewed in the next APP cycle.

Further information is available throughout this web page to help inform and involve students, faculty and staff in the process. It contains data on UMSL programs, a list of committee members, FAQs and an online feedback mechanism.

This section is currently under construction, and will be updated as new information is available.


Tentative Calendar

  • Committee meetings to receive overview of Tableau data from Institutional Research, discuss process, finalize rubric, finalize list of questions for departmental meetings
  • Committee team meetings with deans & departmental chairs
  • Committee meetings to review quantitative and qualitative data from team meetings, discuss overall recommendations, submit report to Provost
  • Provost holds meetings with deans and campus constituents
  • Committee report released to campus
  • Provost holds Q & A meetings with relevant stakeholders
  • Final recommendations released to campus