Data Reference

Institutional Research has compiled data from the summer 2018 to fall 2020 for each academic department under review that will serve as a baseline for conversations for the Academic Program Prioritization Committee. This data includes information on enrollment, credit hour generation, number of graduates, number of faculty and staff, rankings, scholarly activity and career progression.

To access the Academic Program Data:

  • Point your browser to:
  • When prompted for credentials, enter your university SSO ID in the form um-ad\ssoid and your password.
  • Wihin the Institutional Research – Production folder, click on the "Academic Program Data" file.
  • Choose a dashboard from which to start. Dashboards include: Student Data, Faculty and Staff, MyVita and Research Expenditures, Academic Analytics Ranking Data, Academic Analytics Career Progression and Margin Data.

Within the dashboard view:

  • Select one or more fiscal years and a department and segment by main campus or off campus if applicable.
  • Use the download option in the top navigation to save files. Active options are Image, PDF, and Tableau Workbook (password protected).
  • Click on the tabs at the top of the window to move to a different dashboard/set of data.


  • Changes to fiscal years or departments impact all dashboards.
  • The campus checkboxes on the Student Data dashboard impact only the majors data.
  • On the Academic Analytics Career Progression Data dashboard, select only one fiscal year to obtain a valid mean Scholarly Research Index (SRI).
  • The Comparison Group selection affects only the Academic Analytics Department Ranking Data and Academic Analytics Career Progression Data dashboards.
  • Download the Data Documentation (PDF) for the Academic Program Review.
  • Download the Academic Analytics comparator institutions (PDF) document for the department ranking and career progression data.


Please contact Institutional Research by phone at 314-516-6101 or by email at