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Faculty and Staff Involvement

The University of Missouri–St. Louis values the continued research, growth and resources that are exhibited by attending any national conference. The Office of New Student Programs was an example of that commitment in providing professional development opportunities for this office, as well as, campus-wide to those that assist serving new students.

New Student Programs invites colleagues to apply and attend either of the conferences below with the expectation of developing specific goals in the area of orientation, transition, and retention that would be implemented at UMSL upon the return. This application describes the specific opportunities gained by attending the conference(s), expectations of attending on behalf of UMSL, and the compensation, and commitment for attending the conference(s).

Process and Timeline
October: Applications available in the Office of New Student Programs, 366 MSC
November 16: Deadline for applications
November 19: Notification of selections and approvals from supervisors, & NSP will process registration, hotel and flight accommodations

Complete Application Includes
Application including additional questions & supervisor support letter.

Questions, please contact Megan Green Simonds at greenmega@umsl.edu or (314) 516-5291

Through an intentional cross-pollination of ideas and expertise from practitioners, researchers, faculty, policy-makers, and administrators, the NISTS annual conference offers a balanced and comprehensive examination of the pressing issues and obstacles related to transfer student success.

The conference provides tangible and practical strategies to improve transfer student programs and services. We equip professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to actively advocate for transfer students, challenge the status quo, and reach beyond specific roles to develop holistic student experiences.

The Annual Conference on The First-Year Experience provides an ongoing forum where higher education professionals can share experiences, concerns, and accomplishments related to supporting student learning, development, and success in the first college year. We invite you to be a part of productive collaborations, conversations, and relationships as we gather in Las Vegas this year.

View session tracks, pre-conference workshops, schedule, speakers, & more:
Annual Conference on The First-Year Experience

Featured speakers: Laura Rendon, Stacey Doremus, Russell Lowery-Hart

As we prepare for the Orientation season, we are seeking faculty who have a desire to work with and assist students in learning how to navigate through the University. Orientation is designed to help new first-time and transfer students transition to the University.

An aspect of Orientation is to foster positive interactions between faculty, staff, new students, and their family members. With that said, we would like to invite you to become involved with Orientation as a faculty volunteer for all our Orientation sessions.

As an Orientation Faculty Fellow:
• Assist in accomplishing the goals and outcomes of Orientation programs
• Introduce new students to faculty through informal, out-of-the-classroom interaction
• Attend all the Orientation dates (listed below)
• Engage new students in discussion about academic transition, classroom expectations, communication etiquette, and other academic-oriented topics
• Facilitate discussion with parents in a parent panel session and facilitate a mock classroom scenario enlightening parents about student success resources, faculty engagement to assist their student succeed, academic transition.

Any questions about these opportunities, please email newstudentprograms@umsl.edu.