Academic advisors are faculty and staff assigned to help you make the most of your time at UMSL. They serve as your guide, interpreter and mentor. Your advisor will help you learn to navigate campus, your academic preparation, course preferences, and your advisor's knowledge of University requirements will come together as your craft an UMSL academic plan.

Before you meet with an academic advisor, please take a look at the 4 year plan for your major in the Bulletin, as well as, the Schedule of Classes on MyView. After all, you want to be in the driver's seat as you plan your educational path! Your advisors look forward to working with you to create your academic plan at UMSL! 

All students new to UMSL are required to meet with an academic advisor to register for courses and discuss their academic plan. 

First-Time College Students

If you are a first-time college student attending an New Student Orientation (NSO), the questionnaire you fill out while registering for Orientation will be used by the advisors to come up with a tentative class schedule for you. During your Orientation experience, you will have time to sit down 1.1 to finalize your schedule and ask any final questions. If you would like to meet individually with an academic advisor prior to Orientation to have preliminary discussions, please contact your specific college.

Transfer Students

As a transfer student you are encouraged to contact your advisor after you have signed up for Orientation.

  • If you signed up for the Online Orientation, you will need to complete this prior to your academic advising appointment.
  • If you signed up for the in-person Orientation, the academic advising offices will be open in the afternoon. Due to the varied advising needs of transfer students, we do recommend making a separate advising appointment for the afternoon of your Orientation session or on another day.

Regardless of how you choose to schedule your advising appointment, you must meet with your academic advisor before you will be allowed to register for any classes. 

Transfer students should bring all transcripts and test scores with them to their advising appointment if a transcript evaluation is not complete.  If you are unsure of the status of your transcripts please contact the Admissions Office at (314) 516-5451.

Students are advised by their specific college or department. To learn more about your academic advising process and view how to make an appointment, visit Academic Advising

Advising Contacts

Pierre Laclede Honors College

Students enrolled in the Pierre Laclede Honors College should meet with an Honors College advisor BEFORE attending Orientation. Your Honors College advisor will help you select the appropriate Honors College courses. On your Orientation date, you will meet with an additional advisor from your major to complete your registration. If there are any changes to your planned Honors course schedule, you will need to see your Honors advisor while attending Orientation.

To set up your initial appointment with the Honors College please contact:
Pierre Laclede Honors College
Provincial House | (314) 516-4890
Audri Adams -

If you have not yet applied to Honors, there is still time! Please contact the Honors Admissions Representative, Jenna Haddock or (314) 516-7769.

UMSL Athlete

All new UMSL athletes should meet with the Assistant Director of Athletics for Academics, Lindsay Pickering, BEFORE making an advising appointment. Lindsay will help you select the appropriate courses that will align with your athletic schedule and practices. New first time college students attending New Student Orientation will meet with an additional academic advisor from your major to complete your registration. To set up your appointment with UMSL

Athletics please contact:
UMSL Athletics
Lindsay Pickering
(314) 516-4250

UMSL Military-Connected Students

All military-connected students should contact the UMSL Veterans Center BEFORE attending orientation or meeting with your advisor. The UMSL Veterans Center is responsible for certifying your VA benefits and CANNOT do so unless you complete the necessary steps. In addition, understanding your benefits is important to make sure you do not encounter any financial problems as you start your classes here at UMSL. The UMSL Veterans Center will not only help you get started, but also inform you of the VA policies that govern how you can use your benefits. This includes what the VA considers a full-time student, problems with adding/dropping courses mid-semester, and how your classes are certified through the VA.

To talk with the UMSL Veterans Center please contact:

UMSL Veterans Center
211 Clark Hall | (314) 516-5705