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M-335: Jane Wilson Indian Captivity Documents

INTRODUCTION: This collection is the original manuscript account of the rescue of Jane Wilson from Indian Captivity. The collection consists of two manuscripts, one letter by Lt. Colonel Philip St. George Cook regarding the captivity, and an original manuscript deposition by David Webster, witnessed and signed by Colonel Cook.

CREATORS: Philip St. George Cook (1809-1885), David Webster

DATES: 1853

SCOPE: The collection consists of two manuscripts, one letter by Lt. Colonel Philip St. George Cook written in 1853, and an undated deposition taken by David Webster and signed by Colonel Cook.

SOURCE OF COLLECTION: This collection was purchased by the Mercantile Library in 2011.

BIOGRAPHICAL NOTES: Jane Wilson (originally Jane Smith) married James Wilson in 1853 and shortly thereafter left Texas for the California gold fields. James Wilson was killed in an altercation with Indians near El Paso, and Jane, pregnant at the time, decided to return to Paris, Texas, with her two younger brothers-in-law. Near Abilene they were again attacked and this time taken captive, this time by Northern Comanches. Jane was a captive of the Comanches for nearly a month. Eventually she escaped and hid for several weeks before she encountered a band of New Mexican traders. She eventually travelled with them to New Mexico, where she gave birth to a baby boy in Santa Fe in December, 1853.


Cook, Philip St. George, 1809-1895
Captivity Narratives
Indian Captivities
Comanche Indians


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