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M-334:Karen Witmer-Gow Papers


This collection consists of the documents of the romantic novelist Karyn Witmer-Gow, who also wrote under the pen names Elizabeth Kary, Elizabeth Grayson and Karen Witmer.  Chronicling her career as a writer, these documents contain significant information regarding the editorial and publication process from the submission of original manuscripts to the final galley proofs.


The collection contains the documents of Karyn Witmer-Gow.  In total, there are fourteen series divided into eight boxes.  With the exception of series fourteen, each series includes the documents related to the publishing of one book.  Titled for the book contained within the particular series, each series consists primarily of manuscripts, galley proofs, and published monographs in translation.  In addition to these, the series may house a folder containing documents related to the book.  In general, the related documents are contracts, correspondence between the editor, agent, and author, publicity materials, cover designs, and editorial remarks. Presumably, because it was never published, series thirteen, This Far Kentucky, contains a manuscript but no related documents.  As noted, series fourteen contains personal documents and materials not related to the publishing of a single book. 


 The collection consists of eight record boxes measuring eight linear feet.


Some of the material in Special Collection M-330 may be photocopied, digitally scanned or photographed, subject to condition. Series 4,Contact Information Cards, is currently restricted.  Researchers viewing this collection will be asked to sign a Personal Information Non-Disclosure Form.

*Important* this collection is housed in an off site location and is therefore not available on demand. Patrons are urged to contact the library before their arrival. Please call 314-516-7247 at least a week in advance to arrange to view materials from this collection.

Copies of a finding aid are available for download:

M-334 Karen Witmer-Gow Papers(.rtf)

M-334 Karen Witmer-Gow Papers(.pdf)

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