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M-296 : Fr. Pierre Jean De Smet Collection

HISTORY: Pierre Jean De Smet was born in Denderonde, Belgium, on January 30, 1801. When he died on May 23, 1873, he was one of St. Louis's most widely known residents.

SCOPE: In 1821 De Smet had joined a small company of Belgian youths heading for the New World. In 1840 De Smet headed westward along the Oregon Trail to begin his work among the Indians. In brief fashion De Smet described his many activities for both his Indian missions and his religious brethren as "an endless search for Men and Means".

HOLDINGS: 1 original Sketch, 2 letters, 3 notes, 1 photograph.

ACCESS: Some of the material in Special Collection M-296 may be photocopied, digitally scanned or photographed, subject to condition.

Fr. Pierre Jean DeSmet's papers can be found at Washington State University Libraries.