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M-276: Western History Association Archives Collection

HISTORY: The first meeting of what was to become the Western History Association was held in Santa Fe, New Mexico in October 1961. The meeting was organized by a small group of history "buffs" and academic historians. Since then, the organization has met annually in a wide range of western, and sometimes eastern, cities bringing together a diverse group of western writers, academic historians, public historians, and enthusiasts. Since 1961 the WHA has grown dramatically in size and in its publications.

SCOPE: This collection was donated by the Western History Associate in 2006 and contains the records of the organization.

HOLDINGS: Approximately 22 linear feet.

ACCESS: Due to rarity and condition, access to this collection is limited please contact the staff member listed below.

Copies of the finding aid are available for download.

M-276 Western History Association Archives Collection (.rtf)

M-276 Western History Association Archives Collection (.pdf)

*Important* Parts of Collection 276 is housed in an off site location and is therefore may not be available on demand. Patrons are urged to contact the library before their arrival. Contact information is provided below, or by calling 314-516-7247.

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