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M-112A: St. Louis Globe-Democrat Collection Addendum

DATE: circa 1970 - 1987

CREATOR: Saint Louis Globe-Democrat


SCOPE: This collection is an addendum to collection M-112: St. Louis Globe-Democrat Collection. The collection consists of news clippings, file photographs, records, negatives, film footage, marketing items, and realia.

EXTENT: 75 linear feet

HISTORY: In their earliest days, the predecessor newspapers which eventually merged to form the St. Louis Globe-Democrat were staunch advocates of freedom and anti-slavery in Missouri. The Globe-Democrat eventually became the most widely-read morning paper in St. Louis, with a huge circulation, and used this base of support to promote civic responsibility and great causes regarding urban improvements. For a historical look at St. Louis newspapers see the St. Louis Reference Record by W.A. Kelsoe and A Brief History of the Globe-Democrat by William J. Feustel.

A casualty in the 1980's of dwindling circulation due to competing forms of media, less income from advertising, and crippling strikes, the Globe-Democrat went the way of many urban dailies in the past generation, leaving a record of unmatched documentary and journalistic achievement as represented in its files.

SEE ALSO: M-112: The St. Louis Globe-Democrat Collection

ACCESS: Series 4 of this collection is currently stored off-site. Please contact the staff in advance of your visit to coordinate access to these materials for research purposes.

This collection is available for on-site use only in the Rare Book and Manuscripts Reading Room. Some of the material in Special Collection M-112a may be photocopied, digitally scanned or photographed, subject to condition. For collections marked limited access, researchers are advised to contact the library at least three business days in advance of their visit to submit a request to view the physical material.

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Preferred Citation: When citing the material from this collection, the preferred citation is: From the Special Collections of the St. Louis Mercantile Library at the University of Missouri – St. Louis.


Collection M-112A has been arranged into seven series, as follows.

Series 1: Historical newspaper morgue clippings for the St. Louis Globe-Democrat

Series 2: Historical file photographs. Includes Globe-Democrat photos (copyrighted by the Mercantile Library) and also photo services files (such as the AP, Reuters, and the like) which are interfiled with the Globe photographs.

Series 3: Early Records of the Globe-Democrat

Series 4: Vertical File Collections to 1987. Consisting mostly of circulation records, office documents, PR documents, correspondence, subject files. Series 4 has been arranged to the box level.

Series 5: Negatives of file photos.

Series 6: Film footage; marketing items.

Series 7: Realia; plaques, awards items.


Inventory List
Box Number Contents Subseries
1 General Business Corres 4A
1 Subscription Corres 4C
1 Subject Files 4A
2 General Business Corres 4A
2 Subscription Corres 4C
3 Subject Files 4A
3 Old Newsboy Corres 4A
4 General Business Corres 4A
4 Subscription Corres 4C
4 Subject Reports 4A
5 Subject Reports 4A
5 Circulation Reports 4A
6 Advertising Reports 4A
7 General Business Corres 4A
7 Incoming Correspondence 4B
7 Subject Reports 4A
8 General Business Corres 4A
8 Incoming Correspondence 4B
8 Subject Reports 4A
9 Circulation Reports 4A
10 Ads 4A
10 Financial 4A
11 Public Relations 4A
12 Phone, Teledata 4A
13 Invoices 4B
14 Circulation Statements 4A
15 Subject Files 4A
16 Accounting Reports 4A
17 Circulation Statements 4A
18 Subject Reports - Aviation, STL 4A
19 Advertising Controls and Records 4A
20 Advertising 4A
21 Subject Files 4A
22 Financial 4A
23 Subject File St. Louis Region; Transportation 4A
24 Circulation Reports 4A
25 Circulation 4A
25 Subject Files 4A
26 Public Relations 4A
26 Advertising 4A
27 Subject Files 4A
27 Advertising 4A
28 Circulation Statements 4A
29 Subject Files (STL Corporations) 4A
30 Bank Statements 1970s 4A
31 Circulation 4A
32 Reports 4A
32 Newspaper Guild Meetings 4A
33 Subject Files 4A
33 Advertising Correspondence 4A
34 Subject Reports 4A
35 Financial Statements and Accounting Records 4A
36 Circulation Records 4A
37 Financial Statements and Reports 4A
38 Accounts Payable 1980s 4A
39 Subject Files 4A
39 Marketing 4A
40 Subject Files 4A
40 Editorials, Reports 4A
41 Advertisers, 1980s 4A
41 Advertising data 4A
42 Circulation Reports 4A
43 Financial Statements 4A
44 Marketing 4A
44 Advertising 1970s 4A
45 Subject Reports 4A
46 Subscribers 4C
46 Circulation 4A
47 Credit Memos 4A
47 Account Postings 4A
48 Subject Files 4A
48 Company Research 4A
49 Public Relations 1970s 4A
50 Financial Statements 4A
50 Press Orders 4A
50 Invoices for Printing and Press Orders 4B
51 Statements - Post Dispatch Billings 4A
51 Circulation Statements 4A
52 Circulation 4A
52 "County" Circulation 4A
53 Globe Payables 4A
53 Invoices, 1980s 4A
54 Circulation Statements 4A
55 Circulation Reports 1980s 4A
56 Circulation Statements 4A
57 Globe Accounting Statements 1980s 4A
58 Circulation Statements 4A
59 Subscription Update Forms 4B
60 Circulation Statements 4A
60 Operation Files 4A
61 Old Newsboy Records of Sales 1980s 4A
62 Circulation Reports 4A
62 Subjects - Research Corres 4A
63 Public Relations Correspondence 4A
63 Circulation Statements 1970s - 1980s 4A
64 Public Relations Correspondence 4A
64 PR Ads 4A
64 Community Outreach 1970s 4A
65 Circulation Statements 4A
66 Post-Dispatch Payables 4A
67 PR Correspondence 1970s 4A
67 Corres: Programs; Contests; Conferences (Carson) 4A
68 Corres: PR; Man of Year; Subject Files 4A
69 Distribution Schedules 1980s 4A
70 Circulation Statements 4A
71 Circulation Records 1980s 4A
71 Gluck 4A
72 Advertising 4A
72 PR Correspondence   4A
73 Subjects, Research Corres 4A
74 Statements, Payables 1980s 4A
75 Public Relations Correspondence 1970s 4A
76 Globe Operational Records 4A
77 Globe Operational Records 4A