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M-88: Snow/Wherry Family Papers

HISTORY: Robert Bruce Snow and Eliza Pulliam Wherry Snow were married, both from early settler families of St. Louis, Missouri. The families were civic leaders and public officials. Three generations of the Wherry family were Registers for St. Louis; Robert Bruce Snow owned the Mining Stock Exchange and was active in real estate. The collection was donated in the 1980s.

SCOPE: The collection spans the dates ca 1780 - 1940 and includes the following items: tax receipts; wills; deeds; cemetery deed; letters; genealogy of Annie Cockrill Pulliam; photographs; mining stock certificates; postcards; speeches of Joseph Wherry; two European travel diaries; a handwritten history of St. Louis (1906) by Joseph Wherry; two land grants signed by President James Buchanan; newspaper clippings; small Protestant Episcopal Church Hymnal (1892) and Book of Prayer (1893); program in memorium of President William McKinley.

HOLDINGS: 3 boxes of individuals papers and documents, and 2 oversized boxes of ephemera and photographs.

ACCESS: A box inventory of Special Collection M-88 is available.

Box 1
1 Snow, Catherine M.
2 Family Record Book
3 Scrapbook

Box 2
4 Anderson, John, J.
5 Baker, Clara A.
6 Baker, H. Levin
7 Beall, Basil [James Buchanan signature]
8 Beall, Basil
9 Bothick, Thomas / Lambert Deckers
10 Chambers, Charles / Herman L Hoffman
11 Collier, George / William Clark, Superintendent of Indian Affairs
12 Collier, George (Attorney) / J. H. Robbins
13 Collier, George (Attorney) / John Yates
14 Collier, George (Attorney) / John Yates
15 Collier, J. and G. / Peter Powell
16 Collier, George (Attorney) / Peter and Joseph Powell
17 Collier, George (Attorney) / Francis Yosti
18 Collier, George (Attorney) / W. F. January
19 Collier, George (Attorney) / William F. Dunnica
20 Collier, George (Attorney) / Benjamin Garviws
21 Collier, George (Attorney) / Kenneth McKenzie
22 Kayser, Henry
23 Lackland, Rufus J.
24 Miles, Stephen
25 Miles, Stephen
26 Miles, S. M. and H. P. Woodridge
27 Miles, S. M. and H. P. Woodridge
28 Morrison, James and Jess
29 Morrison, William M.
30 Morrison, William M. / Stephen Miles
31 Perry, Lewis (E. C. Scott) (R.B. Snow)
32 Perry, Mrs. John D.
33 Perry, Mrs. Laura
34 Pulliam, Annie [see also rolled document in front of box]
35 Pulliam, Annie - Photographs
36 Whery, Mary Mills / Early St. Louis Land Deeds ca 1770 - 1820 (France, New Spain)

Box 3
37 Chew, Philemon / Louis A. Cella et al. (Snow)
38 Cockrill, John (Pulliam) (Wherry) (Earickson) (Turner)
39 Earickson, Judge James and wife Rebecca (Turner) (Wherry)
40 Mackey (John Colligan)
41 Nolan, John E. (Snow)
42 Snow, R. B. (Perry, Abadie) (Scott)
43 Snow, R. B.
44 Snow, Robert B.
45 Snow, Robert B. and Eliza W.
46 Snow, William B. / Lazarus N. Bouham
47 Turner, John (Annie Cockrill Pulliam)
48 Turner, Richard (Wherry)
49 Turner, Talton and wife / Richard Earickson (Pulliam) (Perry) (Wherry)
50 Wherry, Mackey M., Joseph A., Amelia H., John M. (Elizabeth Horner)
51 Wherry, William M.
52 Wherry, Joseph A. (speech to Grand Army of the Republic)
53 Wherry, Joseph A. (William Carr Lane / Mary Ewing Lane)
54 Wheery, Joseph
55 Wherry, James "Growth and Prosperity of the City of St. Louis from City Register" December 10, 1906, 11 pp. A. Ms. S.
56 Wherry, William Macky (Son of Joseph A.) (William Carr Lane / Mary Ewing Lane)
57 Wherry - copy of telegram from Governor of Missouri to President Lincoln, April 19, 1861 [will not send men]
58 Speck, Jacob and Clara
59 Speck, Anna - Album, photographs

Box 4 - oversized
60 Snow, Mrs. Eliza W. - Scrapbook ca. 1903 - 1935
(Worlds Fair; Wedding Announcements; Betsy Ross House Preservation)
61 Daguerreotypes and other images (originally in padded folder)

Box 5 - oversized
62 Photograph Album - Snow, Wherry, Perry, and other families (ca 1840 - 1930)
63 Flannelette Wrapper [papers removed to folder 36]
64 Book of Common Prayer (1806)
65 Ephemera - Albums (Autograph) Bertha E. Allard, April 9, 1884
66 Perry, Lollie (loose papers possibly from scrap book)
67 Ephemera - Dance Card VP Ball 1901; Dance Card 1889; Diary 1872; Diary 1873; padded folder; Butterick Pattern Company advertisement [rolled document]
68 Ephemera - Ledger, Whitaker and Company Investment Bonds ca. 1920-1930; Mason Certificate folder; Masonic Manual of Missouri 1909

Box 6 - Unprocessed

Some of the material may be photocopied, digitally scanned or photographed, subject to condition.

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