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M-61: Louisiana Territory Legislative Journal

HISTORY: In 1804, Congress passed an act to organize the newly-acquired Louisiana Territory, dividing it into two parts, one to be called the Territory of Orleans, the other the District of Louisiana; the latter was changed to Louisiana Territory in 1805. The Louisiana Territory was divided into five sub-districts, each of which was to have a commandant or lieutenant governor. These sub-districts were St. Louis, St. Charles, Ste. Genevieve, Cape Girardeau, and New Madrid. In 1812, the legislature changed the name of the territory to "Missouri." Edward Hempstead, clerk of the legislature of the Louisiana Territory, later became the first delegate in Congress from Missouri Territory. The journal was an early donation to the Mercantile Library.

SCOPE: A journal of the proceedings of the legislature of the Territory of Louisiana commencing June 3, 1806 and ending 9 October 1811, handwritten by Edward Hempstead, Clerk.

HOLDINGS: 1 journal, bound volume. 127pp.

ACCESS: Some of the material in Special Collection M-61 may be photocopied, digitally scanned or photographed, subject to condition.

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