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M-3: Autographs

HISTORY: Autographs of significant individulas that have been collected by the St. Louis Mercantile Library over the years.

SCOPE: Several of the Signatures are of early St. Louisians and therefore of local interest. Others have arrived in a very haphazard way at the Library - a visit by the person, a dashed off signature after a speech in the Mercantile Library Lecture Hall, etc.

HOLDINGS: 17 signatures.

ACCESS: Due to rarity and condition, access to this collection is limited please contact the staff member listed below.

M-3 St. Louis Mercantile Library Autographs

1. Anderson, Thos. L. (Mo. Rep)

2. Brackenridge, H. W.

3. Bradford, A. W. (Governor of Maryland) 1864

4. Charless, Joseph (2)

5. Combs, Leslie

6. Connors, William

7. Corey, Sam´l (Governor. of Maine) 1864.

8. Edwards, N.

9. Lind, Jenny

10. Lisa, Manuel

11. Mullanphy, Bryan

12. Mullanphy, John

13. Pettit, Spencer (Killed by Tom Biddle)

14. Scott, John (Congressman) 1817

15. Smith, J. Gregory

16. Taylor, Z.

17. Tucker, Th. T. (United State Treasurer)

18. Unidentified (1)

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