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Dual Enrollment

photo of woman with pencil and paperThe College of Arts and Sciences along with the Honors College and the Advanced Credit Program of the Division of Continuing Education are the sponsors of a Dual Enrollment Program.

The purpose of dual enrollment is to provide advanced level high school students the opportunity to take college level course work on the campus. Many students use this option to expand on academic subjects that are not available at the high school level or to advance their skills beyond the level of their high school curriculum. Students may select courses from day or evening units as well as the Honors College, so long as the student has the academic preparation.

Interested students should contact the Advanced Credit Program office, at dualenrollment@umsl.edu, to obtain an application, information about available courses, the mechanics of application advisement and registration.

Students will be asked to provide a high school transcript and have signed permission from their parent or guardian. Students wishing to attend during the day should also obtain permission from their high school principal, if the course will meet during regular high school hours.