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Welcome to Arts and Sciences

Welcome to the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. UMSL is Missouri's public, metropolitan, research university. Our degree programs cover the academic spectrum from fine arts, humanities, and the social sciences, to the natural and applied sciences. An undergraduate degree from our programs provides the intellectual base for a host of career paths and advanced study and research in many academic disciplines. Our graduates are known for their professionalism on the job and their strong sense of civic responsibility

Students in our classes engage in creative and critical thinking, learn to analyze evidence, to appreciate patterns of complexity, and to reflect on important issues that impact our daily lives. Students practice effective oral and written communication skills, and prepare themselves for a changing workplace that requires flexible, dynamic, and well-educated employees.

As the campus's oldest and largest college, Arts and Sciences takes special pride in its faculty, who teach courses from the freshman to the advanced graduate levels. Whether in a large lecture hall or an intimate seminar room, these courses challenge students to exchange ideas and discuss their own informed views  with peers and professors. Students learn and grow under the mentorship of our internationally renowned faculty, including specialized Curators or Endowed Professors in many of our departments, and earn a  wide range of accredited baccalaureate, master and doctoral degrees.

We encourage our students to enhance their learning by pursuing minors, certificates, internships, and study abroad. Expectations for excellence and academic rigor define our degree programs, making them highly valued throughout the academic and professional world.

Everyone in the College of Arts and Sciences is firmly committed to creating a strong and diverse academic environment to support student success. Students experience this commitment from their first day on campus as they meet with our stellar group of advisors at the Dr. Marcus Allen Advising Center and through the Academic Support Centers for English, Math and the Sciences.